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 AP-IP90 IP Phone
AP-IP90 IP Phone | AddPac

AP-IP90 IP Phone Presentation File
IP Phone Solution Presentation File
AP-IP90B IP Phone Presentation File
Technical Speciifcation
AP-IP90 IP Phone Technical Specification
AP-IP90 Audio Broadcasting Application
AP-IP90 SOHO IP-PBX Application
AP-IP90 Remote Audio Broadcsting Application
IP Telephony Solution for Medium Size Enterprise
SIP based SoftKey for IP terminals
AP-IP90 3 Party Call Conference
AP-IP90 DNSProxy Features
AP-IP90 STUN Features
AP-IP90 DNS Update Features
AP-IP90 Network Protocol
AP-IP90 Tunneling Features
AP-IP90 UI Structure
AP-IP90 Web based Management
AP-IP90 CTI Application
AP-IP90 Dual-MAC Address Application
IP Phone SIP Debugging Features Overview
Paging, Intercom & BLF Service for Asterisk IP-PBX
Monitoring, Barge-in and Whisper function for Call Center App.
Asterisk Free-PBX Interworking IP-Phone Test Sheet
BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Function for Asterisk Free-PBX
AddPac Broadworks Interworking Solution(Hybrid IP-PBX, VoIP Gateway, IP Phone)
Satellite based IP-PBX and VoIP Gateway Application