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VoiceFinder AP3150 Multi-Channel IP Audio Broadcast Server is a high-end Audio Broadcast device for high-speed Internet access. This product is typically installed at financial ..[More]


VoiceFinder AP1601 VBT(VoIP Broadcasting Terminal) provides high-performance VoIP Voice Broadcasting Equipment Solution for remote side with central side AP3120 VoIP Broadcastin..[More]


VoiceFinder AP1601N IP audio broadcasting terminal is a fast internet access ready IP broadcasting terminal which supports multi-channel audio/voice broadcasting data play with ..[More]


VoiceFinder AP1605IP is a fast internet IP broadcasting terminal which provide multi channel audio, voice broadcasting data play through internet IP protocol in headquarter and bra..[More]


AP-BCR5000 IP audio/voice broadcasting router is a IP based audio broadcasting router which is operated along with AddPac IP audio/voice broadcasting server (AP-ABS5000, AP3120,etc..[More]


When the VoIP Audio or Voice Broadcasting Service is operated using AddPac VoIP broadcasting solution such as AP3120, AP1601, the AP-PSB (Power Switching Box) can used for ampli..[More]


AP-EMBMS (Enhanced Multimedia Broadcasting Management System) is a broadcasting management system for voice broadcasting server (AP3120, AP3150, etc), broadcasting router, voice..[More]