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· 2017 Jan Launched AP-SRD100 Smart RoIP (Radio over IP) Dispatcher.
· 2017 Feb Launched Internet control software.
· 2017 Feb Launched H.264 video codec module for full HD CCTV with built-in caption generator AV6000NS.
· 2017 Mar Launched AP3110 small and medium-sized IP voice broadcasting server.
· 2017 Mar Launched AP-HDI9N1 IP-based full HD video 9/4 screen splitter for CCTV based on embedded DSP.
· 2017 Mar Launched AP-WBS launches MS Windows-based IP broadcasting server.
· 2017 Mar Launched AP1605L IP audio broadcasting equipment with built-in compact size amplifier.
· 2017 Apr Launched IP-based GPS time synchronizer AP-GTR1000.
· 2017 Jun Launched AP-GTR2000 Embedded Network Time Protocol (NTP) server with GPS module.
· 2017 Jun Launched IP voice broadcasting equipment AP601 for integrated security control system (Onvif, SIP protocol can be installed).
· 2017 Jun Launched AP-VP280G Gigabit 7-inch IP video phone (for satellite communication).
· 2017 Jun Supplied unmanned remote facility CCTV integrated security control system to public institutions.
· 2017 Aug Launched AP-SH3000 Enterprise Smart Sensor Hub System.
· 2017 Aug Launched AP-SH1000 (Wired Sensor) Enterprise Smart Sensor Hub System.
· 2017 Sep Launched AP-PSB2000 IP remote power supply control device.
· 2017 Sep Launched AP-NRC50 network RFID access controller.

· 2016 Jan Launched AP-WVP300 Video Door Phone IP Wall Video Phone.
· 2016 Jan Launched Bluetooth VoIP gateway solution with secure call function.
· 2016 Jan Launched AP-MC6000 Full HD Multimedia Video Conferencing Video MCU.
· 2016 Jan Launched Smart desk top video conferencing meeting solution.
· 2016 Mar Launched AP-EIP70 SIP-based New IP Emergency Call Phone (Intercom).
· 2016 Mar Launched Handset Support IP Video Door Phone Solution.
· 2016 Mar Launched SIP and analog FXO dual mode voice door phone solution.
· 2016 Mar Launched Sight Internet Smart Sensor Network Controller Solution.
· 2016 Apr Launched AP-VAC70A Auto focus HD video phone door phone for receipt.
· 2016 May Launched HD IP video intercom solution.
· 2016 MayLaunched AP-AC20N IP voice intercom for corporate use.
· 2016 Jun Launched Emergency call IP video call device solution.
· 2016 Jun Launched Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Paging Broadcast Solution.
· 2016 Jun Supplied emergency video intercom for new video terminal in Turkmenistan.
· 2016 Jun Suppliedvietnam Ho Chi Minh elevator IP emergency call device.
· 2016 Jul Launched AP3840 Gigabit Ethernet V.35 WAN Router.
· 2016 Jul Launched 7-inch LCD support HDMI video outputinterface video phone AP-VP280DM.
· 2016 Jul Launched IP-based video and voice call recording server AP-NR1500.
· 2016 Jul Supplied Sound-wave ward video communication device at Seoul National University Hospital.
· 2016 Aug Launched HD IP video conference phone AP-VP700.
· 2016 Sep Launched AP-EVP90 IP emergency call video call device.
· 2016 Sep Launched AP-VP230G Gigabit Ethernet 5 inch LCD IP Video Phone.
· 2016 Nov Launched AP-EVP100 IP emergency call video call device.
· 2016 Nov Launched AP-EIP60 Outdoor emergency call SIP voice call device.
· 2016 Nov Launched Analog / digital VoIP gateway supporting power redundancy.
· 2016 Dec Launched AP-HDI4N1 Full HD IP Video 4 Splitter.

· 2015 SepLaunchedFault Tolerant IP Video Door Phone Access Control System AP-ACS1500.
· 2015 Oct LaunchedEnterprise Smart Sensor Hub System Solution for Internet.
· 2015 OctSuppliedAging router replacement business equipment supplied: AP4820.
· 2015 Dec LaunchedWireless Z-Wave Sensor Hub IP Video Door Phone Solution.

· 2014 Jan Supplied Access control system of Chung-nam National University: AP-VAC50.
· 2014 AprLaunchedFull HD video conference codec solution with 4-way video MCU function.
· 2014 Apr LaunchedOne-Touch call button SIP video door phone solution.
· 2014 Apr Supplied and installed telephone facilities for the Urban Railway Corporation.
· 2014 JunLaunched Development Research Institute Full HD video transmission system: AP-NC3500, AP-AV3000.

· 2013 Mar Supplied LIG Nex1 image transmission system: AP-NC2000, AP-AV3000, AP-HVC500.
· 2013 MarLaunchedFull HD / HD video conferencing equipment.
· 2013 Mar Supplied IP telephony equipment for KEPCO scientific facilities emergency call.
· 2013 May LaunchedAP-VAC200 supports advanced fingerprint recognition function for enterprise IP video door phone.
· 2013 May LaunchedMulti-channel 3G voice gateway products.
· 2013 MayLaunchedMobile Hybrid IP-PBX Products.
· 2013 May Supplied high-speed railway control telephone facility.
· 2013 Jul LaunchedIP video door phone + IP camera function simultaneously AP-VAC60 Enterprise IP video door phone.
· 2013 Aug Supplied power entry control system: AP-VAC50, AP-ACS1000.
· 2013 Oct Supplied Samsung Display Door Access Control System.

· 2012 Jan LaunchedHD class PC screen real-time remote broadcasting and recording solution.
· 2012 FebLaunchedHD quality AP-VAC70 enterprise IP video door phone.
· 2012 Mar Supplied military video conferencing system solution.
· 2012 May Supplied Korea Express VoIP gateway system.
· 2012 Jun SuppliedAnsan City IP video broadcasting system.
· 2012 Jul Supplied military VoiP IP-PBX.
· 2012 Jul Supplied IP telephony telephone network business equipment for scientific training group.
· 2012 DecSuppliedKEPCO regional headquarters Smartphone PTT group Call communication system.

· 2011 FebLaunchedHD video broadcasting server for enterprise AP-SBS10000.
· 2011 FebLaunched3G smartphone and walkie-talkie interworking group call (PTT over IP) solution.
· 2011 MayLaunchedMulti-channel / multi-service video codec family for network DVR.
· 2011 Jun LaunchedIP-PBX, trunk line/extension interface One Box Hybrid IP-PBX system, IPNext187.
· 2011 AugLaunchedPTT Media Gateway Solution.
· 2011 Aug LaunchedHigh quality AP-VAC50 enterprise IP video door phone.
· 2011 OctLaunchedAP-ACS1000 IP video door phone control system for enterprise.
· 2011 OctLaunchedDolby-D Pass Through support Full HD (1080i) broadcast video codec module AV3500.
· 2011 Nov LaunchedBroadworks Soft-Switch interworking IP telephony solution.
· 2011 Nov SuppliedGeneral railway telephone facilities.
· 2011 Dev LaunchedVideo codec module supporting simultaneous D1 and 4 channel video encoding: AV1700N.

· 2010 Jan Supplied HD Network DVR Solution for Highway Surveillance to the Korea Highway
· 2010 Feb Supplied Control Phone Facilities to the KTX High Speed Railway
· 2010 Mar Launched SOHO IP-PBX (IPNext20)
· 2010 Apr Launched VoIP based PTT (Push-to-Talk) over IP Total Solution
· 2010 May Launched 1080i Full HD Video Codec Module (AP-AV6000)
· 2010 Jun Launched IP Multimedia Telephony Video Phone Model (AP-VP230)
· 2010 Jun Launched RoIP (Radio over IP) Total Solution
· 2010 Aug Supplied All-IP based Tactical Communication Network Device to the Army
· 2010 Sep Launched Multiport GSM Gateway Series
· 2010 Oct Launched SMB Enterprise IP based Voice Recording IP-PBX
· 2010 Oct Launched IP Telephony Voice Recording Total Solution

· 2009 Jan Launched 7 Inch LCD based High-End AP-PT100 IP Presence Terminal
· 2009 Feb Launched Secure IP Multimedia Telephony for Operator/Large Site
· 2009 Mar Launched HD Standard DVR Server AP-SNR1004
· 2009 Apr Launched System Redundancy Small/Medium IP Multimedia Telephony Solution
· 2009 May Launched High Performance, High Quality AP-WP100 WiFi Phone for Enterprise
· 2009 Jul Launched Multi Channel HD Video Codec AP-NC5000 for Network DVR
· 2009 Jul Launched HD Standard DVR Server AP-SNR1004
· 2009 Jul Passed Secure IP Telephony Solution TTA Security Test
· 2009 Aug Launched HD Video Codec AP-NC2000, AP-NC3000
· 2009 Sep Launched 16 Speed Dial High Performance, High Quality IP Phone
· 2009 Oct Supplied HD/SD Video Conferencing Terminals to the Maritime Police
· 2009 Nov Supplied IP-PBX and Additional Services for Call Center
· 2009 Dec Supplied IP-PBX (Keyphone) to the NH Bank

· 2008 Jan Launched HD Video Conferencing System AP-VC5000
· 2008 Mar Launched HD Video Server AP-VBS5000
· 2008 Jul Launched SOHO IP-PBX IPNext50
· 2008 Jul Launched combination of IP-PBX and VoIP Gateway Hybrid IP Keyphone IPNext190
· 2008 Jul Launched Smart Messenger+ Integrated Softphone Solution Smart Communicator
· 2008 Aug Launched 7 Inch High Quality AP-VP280 Video Phone
· 2008 Oct Launched High Performance, High Quality AP-PT20 IP Speed Dial
· 2008 Nov Launched System Redundancy IP Multimedia Telephony Solution IPNext3000
· 2008 Dec Supplied IP-PBX and Video Phone to the Army 1363 Unit
· 2008 Dec Launched AP-IP120 with Speed-Dial

· 2007 Jan Lauched High Performance, High Quality Phone AP-IP100
· 2007 Jan Lauched Proxy Server AP-RS
· 2000 for Private IP Network
· 2007 Feb Developed Smart Virtual Terminal for Private IP Terminal Access Control
· 2007 Apr Launched High-End Video Phone AP-VP150
· 2007 May Lauched AP2650CM
· 2007 May Supplied VoIP Gateway to the SK Networks Co, Ltd.,
· 2007 Jun Launched Embedded IP Voice Recording Solution Server AP-NR700, AP-NR500
· 2007 Aug Launched High Quality AP-IP150 IP Phone with PoE Feature
· 2007 Aug Supplied IP-PBX/VoIP Gateway to the NH Bank
· 2007 Aug Supplied KT VoIP Gateway (Analog/Digital)
· 2007 Sep Launched IP Video Conferencing Device with embedded HD/SD Display Feature
· 2007 Sep Supplied IP-PBX and VoIP Terminals to the Army
· 2007 Oct Supplied Army Conferencing Terminals (MCU/Codec) to Army Logistics Command
· 2007 Nov Supplied Video Phone to the National Maritime Police
· 2007 Dec Launched Large Capacity Network DVR Server AP-NR500
· 2007 Dec Launched Large Size Video Phone “Commander Phone” AP-VP500

· 2006 Jan Released Network Surveillance Provision Platform (NSPP), next-generation DVR solution
· 2006 Feb Launched 4.3 inch VGA AP-VP200 High Resolution Video Phone
· 2006 Feb Launched IP based network DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
· 2006 May Supplied video phones to the Telecommunication Provider 2nd BCN Business
· 2006 July Launched 30 Frames of VGA AP-VP200 Video Phone
· 2006 Aug Released IP Multimedia Telephony Solution Large Capacity PBX IPNext1000
· 2006 Sep Released Low-End 1 Port VoIP Gateway AP100
· 2006 Oct Launched Video Conferencing Terminal AP-VC2000, AP-VC200 Multimedia Terminal
· 2006 Oct Cetified KT SIP Gateway, IP-PBX
· 2006 Nov Lauched Mid-Range IP Multimedia Telephony Solution IP-PBX, IPNext700
· 2006 Nov Landed KT SIP E1 VoIP Gateway Contract

· 2005 Jan Released AP190, 1-port analog VoIP gateway
· 2005 Feb Released AP-VG700, video gateway for next-generation IP communications
· 2005 Feb Released VoD Service Provision Platform (VSPP), next-generation VoD solution
· 2005 Mar Released AP-BG1000 equipped with a speaker for IP-based emergency broadcasting or VoIP calls
· 2005 May Released AP-TC1000, traffic controller for multimedia QoS control devices
· 2005 May Released IPNext 500, IP multimedia telephony solution IP-PBX (SIP server)
· 2005 May Released the upgrade version of integrated large-scale VoIP play and plug management system
· 2005 Jun Released 4-port module-type analog VoIP gateway for enterprises
· 2005 Jun Released AP-VP300, high quality video phone that supports VGA-level video by 30 frames
· 2005 Jul Released IP-based multipoint voice conference call solution supporting wire/wireless voice terminals
· 2005 Aug Released the total solution of IPv6 multimedia telephony (for the first time in Korea)
· 2005 Sept Released IPNext 200, IP-PBX solution for small business IP telephony
· 2005 Nov Released AP1200-FXS4O4, analog VoIP gateway
· 2005 Nov Released AP-VP350, video phone supporting built-in MCU and dual monitor
· 2005 Dec Released AP-MG3800, medium-sized media gateway supporting octal (8) E1 (T1) capacity for next-generation networks
· 2005 Dec Released AP-RS2000, RTP proxy server for private IP support on IP telephony networks

· 2004 Jan Supplied VoIP gateway to Hana Securities
· 2004 Feb Introduced AP1200, high-performance VoIP gateway supporting stacking feature
· 2004 Feb Supplied VoIP equipment to Polycom Korea
· 2004 Feb Introduced AP2300, Intelligent L2 Switch supporting PoE
· 2004 Mar Introduced high-performance VoIP gateway, AP2620 for BcN
· 2004 Apr 2004 AddPac Solution Guide published
· 2004 Apr Developed DC power supplier, AP-PSU48, for PoE supporting Switch series
· 2004 Apr Introduced AP300, high-quality customer premise VoIP gateway
· 2004 May Introduced AP5840, next-generation Multiservice Router
· 2004 May Supplied VoIP equipment to Carrefour Korea
· 2004 Jun Introduced AP-VG1000, DSP based, full-featured Video gateway
· 2004 Jun Released AP2300 smart manager for PoE Layer2 switches
· 2004 Jul Released AP-VR1000 and AP-VR2000, video services routers
· 2004 Aug Released 'AP600S', VoVPN gateway (VoIP is integrated with VPN!)
· 2004 Aug Released AP2650, BcN VoIP gateway for enterprises
· 2004 Sept Developed AP7457PMC, embedded CPU module of 1.3GHz
· 2004 Sept Developed IPv6 and IPv4 dual stack for multi-service network products family
· 2004 Sept Released AP5850, next-generation multi-services router
· 2004 Sept Released high quality video services router for video surveillance and broadcasting
· 2004 Sept Released large scale media gateway for next-generation networks (AP-MG3000, AP-MG5000)
· 2004 Oct Released high quality IP video broadcasting solution
· 2004 Oct Released HIM-GELAN, Gigabit Ethernet interface module
· 2004 Nov Released HIM-VoIP4E1, large scale VoIP gateway module of 120 channels
· 2004 Nov Released HIM-AV1000, high quality audio/video codec module
· 2004 Nov Released AP3300 VQT, VoIP voice quality measurement system
· 2004 Dec Released AP2800-2LAN1V35, single V.35 interface module
· 2004 Dec Released high quality audio codec module for IP broadcasting terminal (AP1601)
· 2004 Dec Released high quality video codec module for IP video broadcasting terminal (AP-VR1000)

· 2003 Feb Developed AP3220 FoIP(Fax over IP), Fax broadcasting system
· 2003 Feb Six (6) VoIP gateway models including AP2120 obtained KT's VoIP certification
· 2003 Mar Introduced Dial-up VoIP gateway, AP160
· 2003 Mar Supplied VoIP gateways to HanYang Securities
· 2003 Apr Released Java GUI based VoIP gateway total management system, AP-VPMS
· 2003 Apr Supplied ATM VoIP equipment (AP2850 Multiservice Router) for MMA (Military Manpower Administration)
· 2003 May Supplied ATM VoIP equipment (AP2850 Multiservice Router) for KMA (Korea Meteorological Administration)
· 2003 May Introduced IP broadcasting terminal, AP1601
· 2003 Jun Introduced CD-quality IP broadcasting system, 'AP3120-HQ'
· 2003 Jun Supported MGCP-H.323-SIP for all VoIP gateways
· 2003 Jun AP200 appointed as "Best-tested" by the major Dutch computer magazine
· 2003 Jul Supplied AP2850 for ATM VoIP network of KOWACO (Korea Water Resource Corporation)
· 2003 Jul Introduced NGN VoIP switching gateway, AP2120N
· 2003 Aug Developed gatekeeper series (AP-GK2000) targeting enterprises
· 2003 Aug Supplied VoIP telephony and IP broadcasting system to Hana Bank (600 sites)
· 2003 Sep Introduced secure VoIP gateway, AP2520S
· 2003 Nov Developed enterprise-level media gateway, AP-MG3000

· 2002 Jan ATM Router and Gateways are supplied to Several Government Offices including Ministry of Information and Communication.
· 2002 Feb E1 ATM Gateway obtains the certification from KT(Korea Telecom)
· 2002 Feb ATM IMA (4E1) Multi-service Router Released
· 2002 Feb VoiceFinder AP200 VoIP Gateway Released
· 2002 Feb ATM Cell Encryptor Developed
· 2002 Apr AddPac Technology Security Technology Center Established
· 2002 May AddPac Technology Security Technology Center Established
· 2002 Jul Provided ATM Gateways(AP801) for the 260 post offices of MIC
· 2002 Oct AP2110 VoIP Gateway Certification Acquired from Hanaro Telecom
· 2002 Nov Supplied 1-Port VoIP Gateways(AP200) for Korea Telecom All-up service
· 2002 Nov Constructed a manufacturing factory (ByuckSan Technophia, Seongnam KyeongGiDo)
· 2002 Dec Developed a VoIP broadcasting system(AP3120)

· 2001 Jan PassFinder AP2801 E1 ATM Router obtains the certification from KT
· 2001 Sep PassFinder AP4820, AP2850 Multiservice Router Released
· 2001 Oct PassFinder AP801 Frame-Relay to ATM Inter-working Gateway Released
· 2001 Nov E1 ATM Gateway(AP801) obtains the certification from DACOM
· 2001 Nov E1 ATM Router(AP2801) obtains the certification from DACOM Nov E1 ATM Router(AP2801) obtains the certification from KT
· 2001 Nov VoiceFinder AP1100 Residential VoIP Gateway Released (FXS4O4, FXO4, FXS4 configuration is available)
· 2001 Dec VoiceFinder AP2520 VoIP Gateway Released (FXS4, FXO4, E&M4, Digital E1 Modules are available)
· 2001 Dec DS-3(45Mbps) ATM Router obtains the certification from KT

· 2000 Jan Registered as Venture Enterprise approved by SMBA
· 2000 Mar Motorola G3 Companion Mode CPU Board Released
· 2000 Mar PassFinder AP2502, AP1501 WAN Router Released

· 1999 Apr AddPac Technology Co., Ltd. Established
· 1999 Sep AddPac R&D Center Established
· 1999 Sep Channel Partner with Force Computer, Inc.(USA)