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 AP-VC2000 비디오 화상회의
AP-VC2000 비디오 화상회의 | AddPac

AP-VC2000 비디오 화상회의 IP Video Conference Solution brochure
AP-VC2000 비디오 화상회의 IP Video Conference Solution Presentation File
Technical Speciifcation
AP-VC2000 비디오 화상회의 Technical Specification
AP-VC2000 비디오 화상회의 Application Note
AP-VC2000 VoD Application
AP-VC2000 USB Application
Video Conference Reference Site Examples
Telemedicine Service Reference Site Exmaples
AP-VC2000 MCU feature
AP-VC2000 Advanced MCU Features
AP-VC2000 Document Share using Direct RGB Input
AP-VC2000 Document Share with PC Agent
AP-VC2000 Dual Monitor Emulation
AP-VC2000 IPv4/IPv6 Network Protocol
AP-VC2000 PPTP Features
AP-VC2000 Tunnelling Feature
AP-VC2000 DNSProxy Features
AddPac DSP Operating System
AP-VC2000 DNS Update Features
H.264 Overview File
AP-VC2000 Wireless LAN Features
AP-VC2000 IP Share+Cascading
AP-VC2000 LAN to LAN Performance
AP-VC2000 Dual-MAC Address Application
AP-VC2000 UI Structure
IP Video Conference Solution
AP-SDC50 SD Video Conference Camera Presentation