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  Title : Password Recovery
2. Password Recovery
Command log
Note) If you lost root password or router OS dose not work normally (OS crashed), you may recovery OS or password under BOOT loader mode.
Main function of BOOT LOADER
1. root password recovery/change
2. s/w downloading
Enter Bootloader mode>
After power reset or s/w reset, press ctrl-C and ctrl-X key alternately repeatedly, then you can see “BOOT#” prompt.
Note) Check password
Interface Ethernet0, changed state to UP
show password
password = router


Note) Change root password (If you want to change from "router" to "abcd")
  BOOT# config
passwd abcd abcd
password changed


CF) root password change command under APOS environment(not BOOT loader)?/b>
  (If you want to change from “router” to “abcd”)
  router(config)# show user
Login Name Password User Level Timeout
root abcd ADMIN 0

router# config
router(config)# user change root abcd router
router(config)# show user

Login Name Password User Level Timeout
root router ADMIN 0


Note) Upgrade OS image via ftp/tftp under PC or UNIX environment.
  ftp client : (PC)
ftp server: (router)
Note) router IP setting (Notice : BOOTER don't refer configuration value of APOS environment.)
  BOOT# config
BOOT(config)# end


Note) IP address setting confirm
  BOOT# show interface
Interface Configuration : ether0.0
IP address : netmask : mtu = 1500
Ethernet Address : 00 02 a4 99 99 01
Ethernet mode : FULL-DUPLEX
Operating speed : 100 Mbps
Line status : FULL DUPLEX
Operation is UP
  Under APOS mode, application image downloading procedure is the same as BOOT mode.


2. Password recovery & log in BOOT Loader with Boot Loader Version 2.2.5.

  • with loader 2.0 or later, you must know APOS root password to login into boot loader mode.

  • It has changed for security issue.og. After the login, the all of command is the same as old version.

  • If you lost root password, you can login with guest account. the password is "guest" for this.

  • After the login Log in as guest,to recovery password, you may move config mode, then change password.

  • but if you do it, all of configuration will be erased.


step command
1 BOOT_login:

Interface Ethernet0, changed state to DOWN

BOOT_login: guest


BOOT> config

BOOT(config)> password router router

If you change the password, your configarion will be erased.

Are you sure you want to continue (y/n)? y

Erasing configuration....done

Password change completed !

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