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Title : AP-GS3000 Quad(4) Multi-SIM 4-Port GSM Module Launching

AP-GS3000 with AP-N1-GSM4S4 Module

AP-N1-GSM4S4 GSM VoIP Module is a new 4-Port GSM Module (4 SIM card slots per a GSM Port) for GSM Call Termination Service. AP-N1-GSM4S4 GSM VoIP Module can be installed in our next generation AddPac GSM Gateway N1 Hardware Platform such as AP-GS3800, AP-GS3000, AP-GS2800, AP-GS2700, AP-GS25000, etc. This GSM VoIP Module supports Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM frequency, Quad(4) SIM card slots per a GSM port, Hot-Swap Switch Button, One(1) GSM Antenna Interface. This GSM module has sixteen(16) GSM SIM card slots internally. Also this module supports the Voice DSP for GSM call termination service based on VoIP Technology.

◆ AP-N1-GSM4S4 Multi-SIM Module PT for AP-GS3000