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Title : AddPac introduces high quality IP broadcasting system – “AP3120-HQ”

AP3120-HQ_High Quality IP Broadcasting System Release Note

- CD sound quality broadcasting by adopting broadcasting codecs
- 8- level bandwidth control according to network condition
- Superior application for Disaster prevention system and in-house broadcasting system

The broadcasting system actively adopted by financial sector and public offices is now rapidly emerging to high quality broadcasting market with the introduction of IP broadcasting system. IP Broadcasting system encodes/decodes audio quality sound sources and transmits it via IP network. IP broadcasting system not only adopts the merits of existing (telephone line based) broadcasting system, but also supports additional features of scheduled broadcasting and terminal side broadcasting along with lowered line cost. So it actively expands both existing broadcasting device market and newly emerging market.

AddPac Technology Co., Ltd, a network device specialized company, developed AP3120-HQ, IP broadcasting system offering CD quality service even on 64Kbps network such as dedicated line. It realizes superior voice quality even on ordinary network by implementing audio codes along with industry standard QoS (Quality of Service) and enhanced QoS of AddPac Technology.

AP3120-HQ high quality IP broadcasting system offers the advantages of existing broadcasting system of reliability and real-time characteristic along with cutting-edge computer technology. Especially, comparing to streaming-based broadcasting devices requesting buffering time, AP3120-HQ can offer real-time and high quality broadcasting service. This real-time characteristic is really crucial for Disaster Prevention system asking instant actions and measures in case of accidents.

AP3120-HQ’s server and terminals are designed as embedded systems based on Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for reliable system performance in the event of emergency and severe conditions. So, comparing to PC-based broadcasting system, it is more resistible to Hacking or viruses.

AP3120-HQ can designate specific bandwidth ranging from 29 to 130Kbps according to the network condition. Also, it supports xDSL and cable network of dynamic and static IP offering high adoptability at any places with Internet service. In addition, it offers various options and additional features such as Remote Power Control system (AP-PSB), digital recording system, 5 different terminal models, GUI-based broadcasting control S/W to meet various customer service requests.