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Title : AddPac Technology, release AP3120 VoIP Broadcasting System

AddPac Technology released VoiceFinder AP3120, VoIP(Voice over IP) Broadcasting System which can broadcast multitudinous branch and subsidiary via IP network.

VoiceFinder AP3120 VoIP Broadcasting System is a incompany broadcasting solution without leased voice line and analog broadcasting equipments through IP networks in the Financial institution, Company and Public office which consists of around Head office and branches.

AP3120 supports multicast routing based IGMP(Internet Group Management Protocol) and unicast connectivity.

A circumstance with broadcasting system already, which can change easily to IP Network from existing leased voice network when choice and connect, among the VoIP telephone interface such as FXS·FXO and E&M etc. Moreover AP3120 can be accommodated easily installed and simple operating management for novice. Also this equipment is available to organize broadcasting service through the scheduling and management program-Broadcasting Manager-.

Herewith AddPac also released AP-AUDIO2, Broadcasting system Module, for utilizing VoIP Broadcasting equipment and attached their Midrange Gateway such like AP2110, AP2520 etc. AP-AUDIO2 VoIP Broadcasting system module provides 2 channels Audio IN/OUT Port and it can be constructed VoIP Broadcasting circumstance into build AddPac\' Module type VoIP Gateway.

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