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Title : AP-PCT200 High Performance RoIP (Radio over IP) PTT Control Terminal for Satellite IP Network

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AP-PCT200 RoIP PTT control terminal supports high quality VoIP and PTT (Push-to-talk) communication with satellite network and internet. It supports optimal level of internet based voice communication, PTT service through user friendly interface (GUI: Graphic User Interface). This PTT control terminal provides HDMI video output interface for External Full HD Monitor Display. Also, this terminal supports point-to-point PTT communication mode and point-to-multipoint communication mode for LMR gateway interworking. For multipoint group PTT communication service mode, additional extra call manager and PTT server are necessary.

It opens up a whole new world of high quality Satellite based VoIP and PTT group communications

AddPac AP-PCT200 RoIP PTT control terminal which is combination of additional PTT group call function and internet voice communication provides various applications and supplementary services by integrating with IP telephony service through SIP VoIP signaling protocol.

AP-PCT200 RoIP PTT control terminal is a high performance, multi function Android soft phone by adopting state-of-the-art PTT processing technology with SIP signal processing function. SIP based AddPac PTT group call solution is composed of IPNext600 IP-PBX built-in PTT server function, LMR (Land-to-Mobile Radio) gateways, PTT control terminal, and network management system NMS (Network Management System).

AddPac PTT group call solution is designed on the basis of IP, so that it is capable of satellite communication application as well as wire network integration. It allows saving communication cost due to the state-of-the-art VoIP technology and support 1:1, group call service in any places. The biggest advantage of AP-PCT200 is to maintain existing radio device system by supporting radio device network interworking function. AP-PCT200 supports group call service by expanding radio device network coverage to worldwide satellite.

You may use AP-PCT200 in any places with internet connection due to G.711, G.726, G.729ab, G.723.1 voice codec. It supports the QoS (Quality of Service) function to provide the high quality sound in limited bandwidth environment.

Various VoIP gateway series and PTT solution of AddPac is approved for its high performance and reliability in world-wide markets. AddPac provides highly advanced VoIP services in order to meet demanding and evolving business requirements of customers. Especially AP-PCT200 has been developed through years of experiences and accumulated know-how from existing enterprises and communication markets. AP-PCT200 provides SIP based PTT service and QoS (Quality of Service) for high quality of satellite communication service. This will satisfy satellite RoIP (Radio over IP) customers with high expectation.

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