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Title : IPNext320TM CPU Redundancy Hybrid IP-PBX System Release

IPNext320TM Hybrid IP-PBX System for Various IP Telephony Application (CPU Redundancy, FXS, FXO, E&M, Digita E1/T1, Radio Interface Module, Option(RD))

IPNext320TM is a next-generation Hybrid IP-PBX System and a new IP telephony solution for all IP environments. IPNext320TM inter-works with various IP terminals of AddPac (e.g. AP-VP300G, AP-VP280G, AP-VP200G IP Video Phone, and AP-IP300, AP-IP230, AP-IP120, AP-IP90 IP Phone) and analog phones(low cost compared with IP terminals, also reused) to provide multimedia IP telephony services as well as the traditional voice-based PBX features. This product is based on the advanced embedded RISC that enables firmware upgrade, and can be equipped with various VoIP interfaces (FXS, FXO, E&M, Digital E1/T1, Radio Module, RD Module. etc) depending on module options. IPNext320TM is suitable for general enterprise, military sector, etc, and inter-works with the VoIP and video products of AddPac Technology to provide a variety of IP application services appropriate for your network. Also, IPnext320TM supports H.323 VoIP inter-working as well as SIP protocol for outbound call.

Next-Generation IP Hybrid IP-PBX System

AddPac IPNext320TM Hybrid IP-PBX system consists of two(2) CPU module slot for active-standby system control and nine(9) VoIP module slots in front side. The CPU board of IPNext320TM supports LED displays of device status and has two(2) 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports, the RS-232C console port for Command Line Interface (CLI). IPNext320TM supports various VoIP interfaces such as FXO, FXS, E&M, Radio Interface Module for RoIP, legacy RD module and Digital E1/T1 Interface depending on module options. IPNext320TM can support maximum 72 port VoIP interface (9slots x 8Port VoIP Module). The call scenarios supported by IPNext320TM provide SIP-based basic calls, color ring services, music on hold, blind transfer, call pickup, group call pickup, consult calls, switching calls, consult transfer, call waiting, call waiting notification, call park, call pickup remote, and hunt group. This product is designed to provide application services that require much memory such as voice mail using internal memory.

RTP Proxy Service Features for Private IP and IPv6 Address

Since the enterprise network environments configured with a Call Manager like as hybrid IP-PBX system and IP terminals require larger number IP address, either IPv6 or a private IP address in the NAT environment must be supported to the enterprise networks due to the deficient resources of a public IP address. In such a private IP address environment, the RTP proxy feature is required for reliable multimedia communications between endpoint terminals. The RTP proxy feature of IPNext320TM is used to make a communication between a private IP terminal and a public IP terminal among endpoint terminals such as IP phones, make a communication between a private IP terminal and a public IP terminal in the NAT environment, make a communication between private IP terminals, make audio/video broadcasting in private and public IP environments, and to enable audio/video conference calls in private and public IP environments. The RTP proxy feature can operate regardless of VoIP signaling protocols such as H.323 and SIP, and supports dual address systems such as IP version 4 and IP version 6 addresses.

Intelligent IVR Features

One of the most important IP telephony service features is either ARS or IVR. Different IVR features are required by regular companies, government offices, and call centers respectively. IPNext320TM hybrid IP-PBX System provides an IVR tool to meet your requirements. Also, this solution provides an IVR scenario editor to allow you to make and enable a desired call scenario.

User Presence Service for Unified Communication

For enterprise with small number of employee, IPNext320TM hybrid IP-PBX system supports the user presence server function beside call manager function. But, in case of large enterprise, external User Presence Server should be used with IP-PBX due to performance issue independently. In order to support user presence features on real-time basis, such as user busy, on-line, user away, etc, user presence service function should be provided on IP telephony solution. User presence service function in a Call Manager gathers user information (on-line, busy, etc) of each IP terminals, and broadcasts user information to all or group IP terminals with speed-dial keys (built-in presence indication lamp) , AP-PT100 User Presence dedicate terminal, Smart Messenger Program at every second.

Built-in Network based Media Service

AddPac Technology’s IPNext320TM supports network based media service. Together used with IP terminals, Video Terminals, VoIP gateways, IPNext320TM supports various media service like as Announcement, Ring Back Tone Service, and Music on Hold. IPNext320TM supports the G.711P, G.729a voice codec basically. New coming and end enhanced voice and video codec (for example, MPEG4 video codec, etc) will be added to service profile list according to user requirement and service environment. IPNext320TM provide the scheme to enroll personal or group media service file, for example, ring back tone service, to IPNext320TM. To enroll pre-exist MP3, WMV file for media service, IPNext320TM provides the conversion software (MP3->PMA file, etc). MP3 and WMV file can be changed to AddPac PMA file format (G.711 based voice codec) to upload in IPNext320TM using SMM.

Unified Messaging Service

IPNext320TM supports network based unified messaging service like as IP phone voice mailing service, E-mail notification, and web based Mailbox browsing service, etc. Basically, this service supports SIP VoIP signaling and IVR scenario managing tool for voice/video message recording/retrieval. Using VXML based IVR scenario editor software (AddPac Technology provided), user can make new IVR scenario and edit the pre-existed IVR scenario for new service addition, service modification, etc. IPNext320TM supports memory (NAND Flash Memory, etc) Quota functions for each user’s voice/video mailbox, etc and e-mail notification function via internet. On business travel, user can monitor IP phone or video phone’s leaving message in office via internet e-mail check and using MS window media player software. Also, user can play voice/video message under various environments such as PSTN phone via VoIP gateway, E-mail, Web, Smart Messenger (AddPac) in addition to IP terminals (IP phone, IP video phone).

Adapt to the Future Circumstances: Firmware upgradeable technology

Since the high-performance RISC CPU of IPNext320TM is programmable, the service features of IPNext320TM can continue to be improved, changed, or added. If you download an added or changed feature from the home page directly or set an automatic upgrade option whenever feature addition or change is done, you can use the latest features without further operations.

Reliable IP-PBX Solution with Outstanding Network Service Capability

IPNext320TM is an integrated network device that supports routing services, NAT/PAT, DHCP Server/Relay, and Quality of Service (QoS). If you want to adapt to a variety of network environments such as Metro Ethernet, Metro ATM, dedicated lines, flexible IP environments, and high-speed private subscriber networks such as xDSL, cable networks, and FTTH, advanced QoS and security features in addition to multiple network services should be supported. In this regard, IPNext320TM supports two 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interfaces. Based on this feature, IPNext 190 supports advanced LAN-to-LAN routing and bridge services as well as various network and security services such as NAT/PAT. IPNext320TM Hybrid IP-PBX system is a reliable solution built by using excellent technologies.

AddPac IP-PBX Total Solution

AddPac Technology is not just a vendor of IP-PBX, but provides various product families appropriate for your network environment. To meet your needs, AddPac supports VoIP and media gateways, audio/video terminals, audio/video MCU, audio/video conference codec, IP audio/video public announcement, network CCTV VMS solution, audio/video recording solutions, and traffic controller QoS device solutions. In the future all IP-based multimedia telephony environment, various audio/video resources should be shared on an IP network; thus, the integration of the entire solution and that of solutions for each area are very important. AddPac IP-PBX is designed considering the integrated multimedia solution, and can meet your various needs.

The performance and reliability of AddPac VoIP gateway series and multimedia network devices have been recognized in global markets. IPNext320TM, which is a collection of experiences and know-how accumulated in the enterprise and service provider markets, would meet the needs of customers who ask for a next-generation IP telephony solution.