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Title : AP-VPC300 Telephony Style Full HD Video Conference Codec Release

AP-VPC300 is telephone style full HD video conference codec that supports high-definition and high-quality video communication using the internet. AP-VPC300 supports full HD video conferencing as well as basic IP telephone feature.

AP-VPC300 telephone style Full HD Video Codec supports SIP, H.323 multi VoIP signaling protocols and various video Codes like as H.264, H.263, and MPEG-4. And AP-VPC300 supports two gigabit ethernet ports.

AP-VPC300 supports HDMI input and HDMI output interface to connect an external full HD camera and a full HDTV or monitor.

AP-VPC300 Full HD video conferencing video codec supports HDMI output interface automatic switching function. This function is used to switch LCD screens effectively when single LCD monitor is used together with PC and AP-VPC300 using an HDMI selector. For example, when not making a call, the monitor is basically used as an external monitor for a PC or notebook. And when making a video call, it automatically switches the LCD monitor to the AP-VPC300.


1. AP-VPC300 HDMI video output automatic switching function