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Title : AP-LMR3000 LMR(Land-to-Mobile Radio) Gateway for Radio over IP Solution, LMR gateway + SIP call manager + PTT server all-in-one solution

VoiceFinder AP-LMR3000 LMR(Land-to-Mobile Radio) gateway is a new cutting edge LMR gateway supporting maximum 4 ports of radio interface with hot-swap supporting two(2) module slots. Radio and LAN interface of AP-LMR3000 provide an optimized call scenario for RoIP (radio over IP) service when it interoperates with conventional radio device. Compact cost effective design and system architecture of AP-LMR3000 provides customer satisfaction in high quality, performance and system reliance. This product uses the state-of-art technology voice compressed algorithm and unique QoS algorithm of AddPac to maintain the maximum Radio over IP voice quality under fast internet line and slow internet line as well. VoiceFinder AP-LMR3000 LMR gateway provides high-performance Radio over IP (RoIP) solution for military, and police as well as fire station and construction area. Also, AP-LMR3000 LMR gateway supports point to point (1:1) interconnection mode and point-to-multipoint (1:N) interconnection mode both. For point-to-multipoint interconnection service mode, AP-LMR3000 supports SIP call manager function plus PTT server function internally. AP-LMR3000 supports IP phone registration directly for PTT (Push to Talk) service without extra IP-PBX. Also, AP-LMR3000 supports multiple IP phone registration for 1:N PTT service without extra PTT server.

LMR(Land-to-Mobile Radio) gateway + SIP call manager + PTT Server All-In-One product solution model for PTT service is a next generation new model for coming RoIP(Radio over IP) communication solution. In order to be a part of advanced RoIP communications naturally in the future, making an excellent choice of choosing LMR gateway is essential. AP-LMR3000 is a mid-range LMR gateway providing two(2) radio interface module slots. It has functions as a LMR gateway which interoperates with radio device between IP network and radio network. Especially AP-LMR3000 provides an optimal solution of RoIP communications in telephony environments that using PTT Server, PTT IP phones and IP-PBX to get connect with a head office.

AP-LMR3000 LMR Gateway is designed to provide high-performance service as a Land to Mobile Radio Gateway. It provides LEDs on the front panel indicating operational status, line status, and LAN Interface status of gateway. Two of 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet port and RS232C console interface are the base for delivering various network services such as LAN-to-LAN routing, Bridge and NAT/PAT service etc
Various LMR gateway series of AddPac is approved for its high performance and reliability in worldwide markets. AddPac provides highly advanced LMR services in order to meet demanding and evolving business requirements of customers. Especially AP-LMR3000 LMR Gateway has been developed through years of experiences and accumulated know-how from existing enterprises and communication markets. AP-LMR3000 provides concurrently SIP call manager function and PTT server function beside LMR gateway function for high quality of RoIP communication service. This will satisfy customers with high expectation.

Network Diagram

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