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Title : IP based Remote Power On Off Controller Solution Release

AddPac IP based Remote Power On Off Controller Solution consists of 8 Port AP-PSB8000, 4 Port AP-PSB4000, 3 Port AP-PSB2000, 1 Port AP-PSB1000, and Smart PSB(Power Switching Box) Manager Software for large scale IP Power Controller deployment.

This IP Power On/Off Controllers can be used in various IT application sites. Especially, these power switching controller products are very applicable in CCTV video surveillance sites. For example, AddPac IP power on off controller can be used for backlight LED power On/Off controller at CCTV application. AddPac IP based power switch box controls LED back light which installed with CCTV camera remotely. And, for another example, in CCTV application, when IP camera is halted or software hanged due to some unknown exception errors, this IP power on off controller solution solve the problem by hardware rebooting via remote power on off control. Also, AddPac IP power on off controllers can be used for remote power on off control of various system or devices like as network system, server, IP camera, printer, public announcement amplifier, etc. AddPac IP power on off controller is designed by using fast ethernet interface so, it is highly scalable and convenient for remote management. It can be applied to integrated security management solution with CCTV solution for unmanned facilities.

AddPac IP remote power On/Off controller is embedded with smart web manager for internal system management. User may setup/manage IP power controller system through PC, smart phone, and tablet device. Also, for large scale deployment, AddPac provides an AP-SPM additional MS window based software for integrated management beside internal smart web manager for single device.

AP-SPM(smart power switching box manager) MS window based software supports integrated remote management service for multi-site, multi-device. This manager software supports various AddPac IP power on off controller (1port~8 port) based on HTTP API protocols for third party user.

Network Diagram

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