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Title : IPNext180PTT PTT Server Built-In IP-PBX Release for Small & Medium Enterprise

IPNext180PTT is a next-generation Hybrid IP-PBX system for interworking with PSTN interface and various IP terminals of AddPac (AP-IP300 IP Phone, AP-IP120 IP Phone, etc)) to provide PTT(Push-to-Talk) server function as well as multimedia IP telephony services. This product is built based on the high performance embedded RISC and suitable for the medium size companies. IPNext180PTT inter-works well with the various VoIP and video products of AddPac to provide a variety of IP application service and PTT service. AddPac Technology PTT over IP solution is a PTT group call service total solution which can be used under various wire/wireless environments such as 3G smart phone (mVoIP) and existing radio device network.

For small and medium size companies, SIP based AddPac PTT group call solution is composed of IPNext180PTT IP-PBX, LMR(Land-to-Mobile Radio) Gateways, I-Phone & Android based smart phone SIP PTT application, PTT IP phone, and network management system NMS (Network Management System).

AddPac PTT group call solution is designed on the basis of IP network to support 1:1 and group call service in any places. It allows saving communication costs with VoIP technology. The main advantage of this device is that it supports radio device network function so that user can maintain existing radio device network system and merits. It also supports group call service by expanding the radio device network coverage to nationwide 3G network.
IPNext180PTT provides the PTT server function as well as hybrid IP-PBX service features. It supports Push-to-Talk service function for LMR gateway, PTT IP Phones, WiFi Phone, 3G smart phone appl. IP based Push-to-Talk service is easy to interwork (cable, wireless) compare to pure radio based Push-to-Talk service and it has no local limitation. IPNext180PTT IP-PBX internal PTT server function supports basic Dial-Out based PtP (Point-to-Point) PTT service, Multi-Group, and Multi-Session PTT service. An audio broadcasting function for PTT service is core technologies of PTT server function. It performs broadcasting function of audio information which is transmitted from IP terminal in each group End-Point and each session End-Point and broadcast to the each group or to the entire IP terminal. PTT service causes a lot of load because it has to broadcast real time audio information to the different IP terminal so it requires high performance processing. AddPac IPNext180PTT IP-PBX is designed on the basis of high performance embedded RISC which supports medium scale PTT service. It is an ideal product for medium size corporation and support Push-to-Talk service by interworking with AddPac LMR gateway, WiFi phone, and various PTT IP phone products.
The performance and reliability of IP telephony product series and multimedia network devices have been recognized in global markets. IPNext180PTT, which is a collection of experiences and know-how accumulated in the enterprise and service provider markets, would meet the needs of customers who ask for a next-generation IP-PBX solution.

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