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Title : AP1810E Compact Size Digital E1/T1 VoIP Gateway Release

VoiceFinder AP1810E is a cost effective new digital VoIP gateway supporting maximum digital two(2) E1/T1 voice interface channels. Digital VoIP interface of AP1810E provide an optimized call scenario when it interoperates with conventional PBX and PSTN. Compact cost effective design and system architecture of AP1810E provides customer satisfaction in high quality, performance and system reliance.
VoIP gateway combining IP-PBX is now suggesting a new model for a main voice communication solution. In order to be a part of advanced VoIP communications naturally in the future, making an excellent choice of choosing VoIP gateway is essential. VoiceFinder AP1810E is a mid-range VoIP gateway providing total two(2) digital E1/T1 interfaces. It is suitable for general enterprises, large and public offices. It has functions as a media gateway which interoperates with IP-PBX and it enables to replace medium and large size digital PBX. Especially AP1810E provides an optimal solution of VoIP communications in telephony environments that using telephone lines and PBX to get connect with a head office.
AP1810E is designed to provide high-performance service as a media gateway. It provides LEDs on the front panel indicating operational status, line status, and LAN Interface status of gateway. Two of 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet port and RS232C console interface is the base for delivering various network services such as LAN-to-LAN routing, Bridge and NAT/PAT service etc.

Network Diagram

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