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Title : CCTV Video Streaming Server Protocols for External Sites and Department

CCTV video streaming server for external site user is one of main core servers of AddPac Smart VMS software. In local government, the video streaming server for external sites supports web server interface for public CCTV service like as road traffic information or CCTV video delivery service for external department like as police station. Internally, network based CCTV application device and software use the RTSP video streaming protocol. For example, IP camera, video server, RTSP video streaming server, RTSP video recording server, RTSP multichannel video displayer (viewer), 4channel IP video splitter use the RTSP streaming protocol. But, for public service users who use PC or the smart phone like as android, apple I-phone, CCTV video streaming server should be support RTSP, HLS, RTMP.

Network Diagram

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