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Title : Small, but Powerful SIP VoIP Paging Terminal AP602 Release

Main Features

- Standard SIP Protocol and AddPac Proprietary Protocol Support
- RTP/RTSP Transport Protocol Support
- RISC + Voice DSP Embedded H/W Architecture
- 40Watt Digital AMP. (Option)
- Two(2) 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet
- Various High Quality VoIP Codec Support : G.722(16Hz), G.711,G.726,G.729A,G.723,1 etc
- I/O Interface S : Alarm Input 1-Port, Relay Output 2-Port, I2C Interface
- Volume Up/Down Button

Voicefinder AP602 SIP paging terminal provides high-performance SIP signaling based VoIP paging service for bank, securities, military, large enterprise, and government.
AP602 SIP paging terminal should be used together with SIP paging server for dedicated IP paging service, or can be connected to legacy SIP call manager like as IP phones for SIP paging service. Generally, SIP call manger supports the SIP paging service for simple paging service via IP phones. Using SIP VoIP signaling and internal 40watt digital amplifier, AP602 performs SIP paging service for overall room paging announcement. At front side, this device provides UP, DOWN volume button for easy speaker volume control.
AP602 SIP paging terminal provides excellent performance and satisfaction for integrated security management environment like as intrusion detection application (government oil station, military, national power plant, etc). Installation and management is very simple. Beginners can handle the device easily.

AddPac SIP paging service solution consists of SIP paging server, SIP paging management system and AP602, AP1605 SIP paging terminals. Designed on the foundation of high performance embedded RISC CPU + Voice DSP, AP602 SIP paging terminal supports two(2) 10/100Mbps fast ethernet interface, one(1) port RS232C console port. Providing built-in 40watt internal digital amplifier, AP602 SIP paging terminal is designed to support VoIP (Voice over IP) paging service without external amplifier via directly connected to SPEKER. And, this paging terminal supports high quality 16KHz G.722 voice codec beside traditional 8KHz G.711, G.726, G729A, G.7231.1,etc. At rear side, this device supports I2C interface and Alarm Input 1-Port, Relay Output 2-Port for various application services.

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