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Title : Integrated Security Management System Solution for Regional Command Center Release

AddPac AP-ISMS200 is a next generation integrated security management solution for intrusion detection and defense in NAI (named area of interest) like as military defense area, government nuclear power-plant, tactical gas storage ares,etc. AP-ISMS200 integrated security management system solution consists of ONVIF standard protocol based CCTV VMS software block, wired and wireless sensor detection and alarm management software block for fence intrusion detection sensor, IR sensor, motion detection sensor, etc, IP based voice broadcasting (Paging) software block for emergency announcement, waring announcement, SIP standard protocol based IP video door access management software block (Softphone, RFID, Fingerprint Recognition, etc), RTSP streaming software block, SIP call manager service block, SIP based Video Phone and IP Phonefor secure communication channel, LMR (Land-to-Mobile) gateway for Radio System and RoIP(Radio over IP) Dispatcher software block. MAP based geological Integrated Security Management Software block, etc.

Onvif standard protocol based CCTV NVR software is a high performance networkbased digital video recording processing device which can be connected with OnvifIP camera. This CCTV VMS software block supports Full HD/HD/SD CCTV IP camera video recording, replay, real-time live CCTV monitoring, etc. H.264 video codec is a standard basic video codec for Integrated Security Management System. Optionally AP-ISMS200 supports MJPEG, MPEG4 video codec beside H.264 video codec for backward compatibility.Also, AP-ISMS200 RTSP video streaming software blockis applicable to various application services due to RTSP based structure. Linux based RTSP streaming server software block is embedded with RTSP server and RTSP client. It is a RTSP protocol based which is located between video encoder and video decoder to distribute the HD video bit stream. It can support fullHD video stream(for example, Up to 32 channel, output 64 channel).RTSP streaming server is designed to perform RTSP client function in input which receives the video bit stream from HD video encoder (RTSP Server). It performs the RTSP server function in output and designed to transmit the video bit stream to video decoder (RTSP Client) through On-Demand. Transport layer protocol uses TCP protocol as mandatory for the safe packet transmission in input. To cope with various application services in output, it supports the TCP or UDP protocol concurrently as an option.A video DSP based H.264full HD video decoder and various media players such as VLC, GOM player, AddPacsmart DVR VMS viewer can be RTSP client and perform video streaming transmission service based On-Demand by using RTSP streaming protocol. Normally, AddPac CCTV NVR software block consists of MS-Window based Smart DVR Viewer(Secondary Monitor), MS-Window based Integration Security Management Software (Main First Monitor), and Linux based Commercial Server with NAS Storage. Linux sever for CCTV NVR performs H.264 video recording service and RTSP streaming service concurrently. Integration Security Management Software supports MAP based geological CCTV VMS service, sensor alarm service, and IP voice paging service, etc.

Sensor detection and alarm management software block is a centralized sensor network controller for multiple wired sensor hub (AP-SAH50), Zigbee/Zwave sensor hub systems like as AddPac AP-SH50, etc. AP-SAH50 smart hub for wired sensors is an IP connectivity device for wired sensor devices. It uses LAN interconnection feature, providing an excellent scalability by interworking with various wired sensor devices. AP-SH50 smart hub is for wireless sensor like as Zigbee/Zwave. AP-SH50 smart hub system and application software for smart devices (phone, tab,etc) controls only sensor devices in a single sensor hub system, but sensor detection and alarm management software block and its sensor network control management software manages the all scope, for example, building, floor, company, outdoor collaboration application, etc in management center.Integration Security Management Software supports MAP based geological sensor alarm service, etc. This MAP service display real-time alarm indication. Also, by using MAP editing software, user can locate a sensor device or sensor hub system on geological MAP.

IP based voice broadcasting (Paging) software block for emergency announcement, waring announcement is a MS-Window based IP voice broadcasting server with broadcasting management software fornext generation IP based voice broadcasting solution. This software block is designed with server/client structure under MS Window based PC platform environment. It is implemented with database and JAVA JRE 1.5. It is software to support IP voice paging service and broadcasting management service. Broadcasting management software consists of user register access restriction management, voice broadcasting device management, broadcasting source, group, favorite, reserved broadcasting, remote broadcasting management, broadcasting device inspection, and event history search

SIP VoIP signaling standard protocol based IP video door access management software block (Softphone, RFID, Fingerprint Recognition, etc) for video door phone access control is designed to deliver video/voice telephony service over IP network. This MS-Window soft video phone delivers the various IP communication solutions taking a full advantage of new ‘all-in-one concept’ with voice, audio and video application integrated. It provides not only cutting-edge features such as H.264, MPEG4 video codec,QoS functions, but also a wide range of multiple VoIP signaling such as SIP, H.323 protocols.AddPac IP video door phone is a device to open and close the door after verifying the identity of visitor. It is embedded with alarm, relay output port, and RS485 interface function to control the door remotely by interworking with automatic door. Also, it offers password, RF card, and fingerprint verification technology for easier access of employees. AddPacIP video door access management (DACS : Door Access Control System) supports both video door phone management/application service and SIP based IP video exchange function. Video door phone management function provides user management function, group management function, setup management function, RF card register and manages, fingerprint verification register and manage, and access log function and allow to extend the application service such as attendance/absence.

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