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Title : AP-HDI4N1 Full HD 4 Channel IP Video Splitter Release


AP-NC2000 (AP-HDI4N1)

AP-NC5000 (AP-HDI4N1)

AP-HDI4N1 4channel full HD IP video splitter is a DSP based next generation high performance 4 channel full HDTV screen splitter. It can receive RTSP based H.264 video bit-stream input up to 4 channels and 4channel full HD video decoding, downscaling and display 4-split screens on HDTV through HDMI, HD-SDI output interface. It can display high resolution HD video by connecting to an HDTV. It is applicable to various real time video applications such as surveillance, traffic control, environment control, and disaster prevention.

AP-HDI4N1 4 channel full HD IP video splitter provides video display on HDTV by dividing IP based full HD input video into 1/4 screen size. HD video input supports RTSP based HD/Full HD H.264 video bitstream format. Video output provides HDMI, HD-SDI interface to directly connect to HDTV.

AP-HDI4N1 4 channel full HD IP video splitter device makes possible to secure the stability of device via telnet or FTP for device status inspection, function setup, and software upgrade. Also, web based AP-HDI4N1 device management software is provided for numerous operating environments like as video splitter IP address setting, display layout configuration, system configuration, etc.

Network Diagram

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