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Title : AP-EVP90 IP Emergency Call Video Phone Release

AP-EVP90, AddPac Emergency Call IP Video Phone, is the emergency call phone that enables the high-quality video communications. This phone can be used in many different places requiring emergency call features and supports video telephony service at optimum level in the general internet environment such as ADSL through all different kinds of voice codec, speaker interface and Power over Ethernet (PoE). AP-EVP90 Emergency IP video phone is combination of signaling/voice processing technology and video processing technology. Many features of AP-EVP90 are highly distinguished and they have been designed in high video quality DSP-based hardware architecture and integrated with Acoustic Echo Canceller which supports the built-in microphone and 2-way full duplex communication. Also AP-EVP90 supports SIP VoIP signaling protocols and a wide range of video codecs of H.264, MPEG4, H,.263, etc and voice codecs of G711, G726, depending on bandwidth availability, so AP-EVP90 can be used in just about anywhere with internet connection. This emergency telephone has been implemented with QoS to comply with the packet error and all different kinds of latency on internet, especially in a limited bandwidth situation.
AP-EVP90 has one (1) 10/100M Fast Ethernet port for Power over Ethernet (PoE) which can be connected to PoE Ethernet switch or PoE converter for use. AP-EVP90 Emergency Call IP Video Phone has external Audio Input/Output interface optionally. This function provides the external speaker output. When this device is installed at noisy environment such as street, external AMP-speaker output is necessary for loud sound. Also, AP-EVP90 supports RS232/RS485 serial communication channel, alarm input and relay out terminal interface for external device support such as door open, alarm light control device.

Network Diagram

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