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Title : Enterprise Smart Sensor Hub Solution for ZWave Sensor Devices

Enterprise smart hub solution for ZigBee/ZWave sensors is an IP connectivity device for ZigBee/ZWave sensor devices. It uses LAN interconnection feature, providing an excellent scalability by interworking with various ZigBee/ZWave sensor devices. AddPac enterprise smart hub solution consists of AP-SH1000 100 series and 200 series enterprise smart hub products. AP-SH1000 smart hub products are designed as hardware module type card for various field applications. This product supports system duplication service features for fault tolerant service in ZWave sensor device application. The difference between 100 series and 200 series AP-SH1000 models is USB port and software for WiFi interface supporting. Basically, 200 series AP-SH1000 enterprise smart hub supports the fast Ethernet interface and USB based WiFi interface concurrently. Otherwise, 100 series AP-SH1000 enterprise smart hub equipment supports only fast Ethernet interface.
AP-SH1000 enterprise smart hub and its application software for smart phone/tab/pad will help to connect to various ZigBee/ZWave based sensors, light switches, thermostats, and other devices. And since this smart hub is compatible with ZigBee/ZWave base smart sensors from various manufactures, AP-SH1000 smart hub can easily add new smart sensor devices in your smart sensor network like as at home, outdoor collaboration application, etc. In case of 100 series AP-SH1000, this product support module based various sensor interface cards like as AP-ZBW100, AP-ZW100, AP-ZW104, etc. AP-ZBW100 sensor interface card supports the dual sensor ZigBee/ZWave interface with external antenna port. AP-ZW100 supports only ZWave sensor interface with single antenna port. AP-ZW104 sensor interface card supports the ZWave sensor interface with four(4) antenna ports. Long and high gain multi-antenna scheme extends the coverage of ZWave sensor device and are very applicable in small rooms and underground room, etc.
AddPac various VoIP, Video and multimedia products are well recognized in terms of performance and stability throughout the world. With our accumulated experience in enterprise market and communication market, AP-SH1000 will satisfy the needs of customer along with AddPac IoT and smart senor application solution.

AP-SH1000 Sensor Interface Module Comparison (100Series)

AP-SH1000 Sensor Interface Module Comparison (200Series)

Network Diagram

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