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Title : New Black Color 5nch LCD IP Video Door Phone AP-VAC150

AddPac New Black Color 5Inch LCD IP video door phone solution is the visitor access control system through video screen which can be installed at the entrance with internet connection. 5Inch LCD Touch Screen IP video door phone (AP-VAC150, AP-VAC80) uses SIP standard VoIP signaling process function to interwork with AddPac video door phone access control server (AP-ACS1000), video phone, and IP soft phone to provide an excellent scalability. Also, it supports the latest audio/video codec at optimum level. IP video door phone selection standard is to accept the VoIP standard signal and convenience. AP-ACS1000 Door Access Control System offers the enterprise level IP video access solution.

New Black Color 5 Inch LCD Touch Screen IP video door phone is combination of signaling technology/voice processing technology, and the-state-of-the-art video processing technology. 5 Inch LCD Touch Screen IP video door phone provides 128Kpbs~1Mbps level of network so that user may use anywhere with internet connection. Especially, it applies high end “error resilience” technology to cope with various packet errors and “rate control” to secure optimum level of resolution/frame rate in limited bandwidth environments. It also supports high performance H.264 AVC video codec for SD level video quality.

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