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Title : IPNext600 Fault Tolerant PTT(Push-to-Talk) IP-PBX

With the growth of business customers’ needs for IP telephony and converged applications, the trends towards ‘All IP’ communication environment are becoming a reality keeping pace with the technological advance of next generation networking. IPNext600 PTT (Push-to-Talk) fault tolerant IP-PBX delivers a new cost effective IP communication solution for ‘All IP’ environment as a core system of AddPac’s comprehensive IP Telephony solution which features various end user terminal equipments such as AP-VP300, AP-VP280 IP video phone, AP-IP300 IP phone, AP-IP120 etc. IPNext600 PTT is a next-generation IP-PBX system for interworking with various IP terminals to provide PTT(Push-to-Talk) server function as well as multimedia IP telephony services.
AddPac Technology PTT over IP solution is a PTT group call service total solution which can be used under various wire/wireless environments such as 3G smart phone (mVoIP) and existing radio device network.

For medium size companies, SIP based AddPac PTT group call solution is composed of IPNext600 PTT IP-PBX, LMR(Land-to-Mobile Radio) Gateways, WiFi IP Phone, I-Phone & Android based smart phone SIP PTT application, PTT IP phone, and network management system NMS (Network Management System).

AddPac PTT group call solution is designed on the basis of IP network to support 1:1 and group call service in any places. It allows saving communication costs with VoIP technology. The main advantage of this device is that it supports radio device network function so that user can maintain existing radio device network system and merits. It also supports group call service by expanding the radio device network coverage to nationwide 3G network. Particularly, Android smart application supports 3G (mVoIP), and Wifi dual mode. It uses the verified standard signal system so that it has both excellent compatibility and scalability.
Designed on the foundation of high performance embedded RISC CPU, IPNext600 PTT supports the dual System Processor boards. Also, IPNext600 PTT supports the dual module type power supply. It’s ideal IP-PBX system for medium size enterprise taking a full advantage of system stability.

Network Diagram

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