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Title : Android Smart Home Application Software Solution AP-ASH100

AP-ASH100 Android Smart Home Application Software is high performance smart home control application software for android smart phone and tab. This software supports 3G/4G (mVoIP) network and WiFi internet. Also, it supports optimal level of internet based video service through user friendly interface (GUI: Graphic User Interface). It opens up a whole new world of high quality IP based smart home application.
AddPac AP-ASH100 Android Smart Home Controller provides IP based video door access control services, video communication service with security guard, security IP camera monitoring service, sensor device monitoring and control service, etc by integrating with all IP networking service through standard SIP VoIP signaling protocol.

A New Standard Selection of Smart Home Control Software for Android Smart Phone, Tab

AP-ASH100 android smart home control application software is a high performance, multi-function android based SIP soft video phone, SIP video door phone, sensor device controller, RTSP based IP camera viewer, etc by adopting state-of-the-art video processing technology with SIP signal processing function. AddPac SIP video door phone solution is designed on the basis of IP, so that it is capable of wired network as well as wireless integration with 3G/4G mobile. It allows saving management cost due to the state-of-the-art video over IP technology in any places. AP-ASH100 supports video door access control service by expanding WiFi network coverage to nationwide 3G/4G network. It supports the QoS (Quality of Service) function to provide the high quality video and voice sound in limited bandwidth environment. Also, AP-ASH100 supports SIP based bidirectional video communication service between resident and security guard to check visitor identification. In multi-apartment, using AddPac smart IP wall pad or AP-ASH100 android application software, resident can video call to the security guard.
AP-ASH100 android smart home application software is to control zigbee/zwave smart home sensor devices and legacy wired sensor devices, and to monitor the smart home IP camera video with internet connectivity.

SIP Video Call Flow Diagram

SIP Register

UI Examples

● Main View (Zone Summary)
● Armed Mode (Away, Stay, Night)
● Short View
● Zone View
● Zone Setting and Configuration
● IP Camera View Mode (Home, Outside Home)
● Call View (Favorite Call, Recent Call, Phone Book, etc)
● Video Call View
● Sensor Control View (Ex: Light Control, Thermostat, etc)
● Sensor Control View (Action, Mode, Alert, etc)

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