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Title : Time Attendance SIP Video Door Phone Solution (touch screen type)

AP-TAS150 Time Attendance SIP Video Door Phone

New Time Attendance SIP video door phone solution (AP-TAS150, AP-TAS80) is a visitor access control unit through internet connection with built-in time & attendance function. It uses the SIP standard video signal process feature, providing an excellent scalability by interworking with video phone, and SIP soft phone. It also supports the latest audio/video codec at the optimum level. New Time Attendance SIP video door phones provide enterprise IP network based visitor access control solution.
AP-TAS150 Time Attendance IP video door phone is a device to open and close the door after verifying the identity of visitor. It is embedded with alarm, relay output port, and RS485 interface function to control the door remotely by interworking with automatic door. Also, it offers RF card, fingerprint verification technology for easier access of employees. AP-TAS150 supports both video door phone management/application service and SIP based video door phone function. Video door phone management function provides user management function, group management function, setup management function, RF card register and manages, fingerprint verification register and manage, and access log function and allow to extend the application service such as attendance/absence. Login Control, Daily Attendance Rules, Monthly Attendance Rules, Business Trip and Vacation, Report for Admin are main functions for AP-TAS150 time & attendance service.
This AP-TAS80 supports only RFID function for internal staff. The other features such as video call features, time & attendance function are almost same.

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