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Title : AP-SMP100 HD Soft Video Phone for HD SIP Video Door Phone

AP-SMP100 is a MS Window based HD Soft Video Phone that allows you to make high quality and high resolution video communications by using the Internet. This product supports a SIP based HD video door phone, video conference, and point-to-point video communication through the latest audio/video codecs and intelligent smart messenger capability. The criteria of choosing a HD soft video phone are high quality audio/video service, easy dial-access features and new coming SIP video door phone interworking.
This product provides advanced features and services such as video codecs (e.g. H.264, and MPEG-4), QoS, SIP VoIP signaling protocol, intelligent smart messenger, SSCP (smart service control protocol: AddPac Proprietary Protocol) for IP-PBX interworking, Video MCU interworking service for video conference. AP-SMP100 is a high-performance multi-functional IP soft phone where the state-of-the-art video processing technology is added to the voice processing technologies developed by AddPac in the VoIP field. Since AP-SMP100 supports networks of 64 Kbps to several Mbps, it is available at any Internet-enabled place. Above all, AP-SMP100 ensures the best video quality due to the ‘rate control’ function that ensures the best video quality and frame rate at a limited bandwidth and the high-end error resilience technology for troubleshooting various packet failures on the Internet.

SIP Video Door Phone Interworking OSD

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