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Title : AP-HVC2000 Two(2)-Channel Full HD Video Codec supporting Internal 4-Party MCU

AP-HVC2000 IP based Full HD video conferencing devices are an all-in-one high performance IP video communication solution that supports built-in Full HD camera as well as various video output interface.It supports two channel video interfaces with built-in 4-party video MCU; first channel provides face-to-face video conferencing with built-in Full HD PTZ video camera and second channel provides various video transmit/receive function such as PC screen transmission, content transmission, and real time broadcasting. It is designed on the basis of high performance DSP processor to support the latest audio/video codec, various AV input/output interfaces for broadcasting as well as video conferencing. This can be connected with HDTV for Full HD display, speaker and acoustic echo canceller microphone. It is applicable to various fields such as audio/video broadcasting, document sharing as well as video conferencing.
AP-HVC2000 provides the state-of-the-art built-in 4-party video MCU features of AddPac Technology without additional external MCU. AP-HVC2000 ensures the best performance of the MCU that supports a H.264 based 4-party Full HD video conference. This product can efficiently control or manage the features (e.g. video layout change, conference type, etc) of video MCU by web based smart multimedia manager. AP-HVC2000 supports maximum 30 frames of HD, Full HD images which is considered promising for the high quality video application. AP-HVC2000 provides a full suit of functionality for rich multipoint video conferencing experience including a wide range of transcoding coverage from voice band AAC-LC, G.722, G.711, G.726, etc audio codec to H.264 video codec. Also, AP-HVC2000 support various video conference type like as Meet-me(Dial-in), Ad-Hoc(On-Demand) and Scheduled Video Conference mode.

Network Diagram for 4-Party Full HD Video Conference

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