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Title : Next Generation VTO(VoIP Traffic Optimizer) Service Solution

AddPac VTO service is a high performance VoIP Traffic Optimization service which can reduce bandwidth usage in VOIP call termination up to 80%. This means that call termination service provider can deliver improved VoIP calling service with much lower VoIP traffic cost. Also, AddPac VTO service supports the VoIP anti-blocking service features and can help to provide mobile VoIP termination service in locations where VoIP service is completely blocked. In addition to basic VoIP Traffic Optimization service features, AddPac VTO service supports real-time VoIP traffic monitoring service such as VoIP packet loss rate, up/down link status, etc in between VTO server and VTO client site each. This can help to provide real-time VTO technical support service. Each customer can monitor the CDR, ASR/ACD, VoIP traffic status information via VTO Manager Web Interface.
AddPac VTO service is very easy to use because AddPac GSM VoIP gateway provides the VTO client service features internally besides GSM VoIP gateway service features. This means there is no need an external Linux server for VTO service and complex installation procedure. User just does new firmware upgrade for AddPac GSM gateway VTO client package. GSM VoIP gateway service concept supporting VTO client service is a new architecture and design concept. This concept reduces the hop count and enhances the VoIP QoS like as jitter, delay. As a result, this architecture increases the ASR, ACD that are most important factors in call termination service area.

AddPac VTO(VoIP Traffic Optimizer) Service Components

AddPac VTO(VoIP Traffic Optimizer) Service Network Diagram

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