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Title : Compact Size High Performance 64-Port GSM Gateway AP-GS4500 Launching

AP-GS4500(64ch) versus AP-GS3000(36ch)

VoiceFinder AP-GS4500 is a new cutting edge VoIP to GSM gateway supporting maximum 64 ports of GSM Voice interface. It also supports SIP, H.323 Multiple VoIP signaling protocol, various voice codec support(G.711, G.726, G.729, G723.1), one(1) module slot for CPU board with two(2) fast ethernet ports and 1-port RS232C console, eight(8) module slots for GSM VoIP modules and state-of-art technologies and services.
VoiceFinder AP-GS4500 supports total 64 GSM interface ports. It is suitable for call termination ISP, general enterprises, medium and large public offices. It has functions as a media gateway which interoperates with IP-PBX. Especially AP-GS4500 provides an optimal solution of VoIP and GSM communications in telephony environments that using telephone lines and IP-PBX to get connect with a head office.

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