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Title : “IP Video Door Phone + Outdoor Environment IP Video Monitoring ” concurrently supporting AP-VAC60 IP Video Door Phone Launching

"IP Video Door Phone + IP Video Monitoring (IP Camera)" concurrently support

AP-VAC60 enterprise Video Surveillance IP video door phone controls visitor access through video screen using internet. It has an excellent interoperability using SIP standard VoIP signaling feature by interworking with AddPac Access Control Server, Video Phone, and Soft Video Phone. It also supports the state of the art audio/video codec optimally such as H.264AVC, etc. It provides enterprise visitor access control solution along with AP-ACS1000 Access Control Server that has hybrid IP-PBX and door access application server features such as time-attendance, RF card registration, etc
Also, additionally, AP-VAC60 IP video door phone is designed to support IP camera service features for outdoor environment monitoring beside IP video door phone service. This IP camera service function can help to monitor, and record around outdoor environment using by AddPac Network Video Recording Server.

AP-VAC60 Dual Encoding Scheme

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