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Title : Very High Density 1024ch AP-GSS3000 GSM SIM Server Launching

AP-GSC64 : 64 GSM SIM Card

AP-GSC32 : 32 GSM SIM Card

AP-GSS3000 1024ch GSM Remote SIM Server

AddPac AP-GSS3000 is a new cutting edge SIM server supporting maximum 1024 channel SIM slots. AP-GSS3000 provides an optimized remote SIM bank solution when it interoperates with AddPac GSM gateways such as AP-GS3000. Compact cost effective design and system architecture of AP-GSS3000 provides customer satisfaction in high quality, performance and system reliance.
AddPac AP-GSS3000 is a device that can support remote SIM bank application for centralized management. AP-GSS3000 supports various AddPac multi-port GSM gateways such as AP-GS3000 (36 Port), AP-GS5000 (80 Port), etc. It also supports sixteen (16) module slots for GSM SIM bank module like as AP-GSC64, AP-GSC32, one(1) module slot for CPU board, two(2) gigabit Ethernet ports, 1-port RS232C console, and state-of-art technologies and services. AP-GSS3000 supports total 1024 SIM interfaces slots (sixteen (16) modules x 64 = 1024 channel). AP-GSC64 SIM bank module supports 64 channel SIM slots. AP-GSC32 SIM bank module supports 32 channel SIM slots.
AddPac AP-GSS3000 SIM server combining GSM gateways is now suggesting a new model for mobile voice communication solution. In order to be a part of advanced mobile voice communications naturally in the future, making an excellent choice of choosing GSM Remote SIM server with GSM gateway is essential. It is suitable for general enterprises, call termination service provider, medium and large public offices.

Network Diagram

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