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Title : Fingerprint Recognition IP Video Door Phone AP-VAC200

AP-VAC200 is an enterprise Fingerprint Recognition IP video door phone which controls the visitor access through video display. It supports an excellent scalability by interworking with AddPac IP-PBX, video phone, video intercom, IP phone and soft video viewer with SIP standard VoIP signaling process. It also supports the latest audio/video codec at optimum level. AP-VAC200 provides enterprise level IP video access control solution along with AP-ACS1000 Access Control Server.

AddPac Technology AP-VAC200 Fingerprint Recognition IP video door phone is a high-end multimedia terminal that is embedded with high performance ‘Acoustic Echo Canceller’ feature to support speaker phone function, RF card interface, and Fingerprint Recognition Interface.

AP-VAC200 Fingerprint Recognition IP video door phone adopted 3.5 inch LCD to support not only high quality image, but it also provides two-way video communication. For the convenience of system control and management, it supports OSD (On Screen Display) and device control/setup is possible with touch screen based key. AP-VAC200 is embedded with ‘Rate Control’ ‘Error Resilience’ function to secure the maximum level of resolution/frame rate in limited bandwidth environment. AP-VAC200 processes up to 30 frames of VGA (640X480) video image per second based on H.264 compressed codec. Also AP-VAC200 supports Smart Web Manager function for easy control.

AddPac solutions are well recognized in terms of its performance and stability throughout the world. AddPac AP-VAC200 will meet the needs of customer along with AddPac IP telephony solution.

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