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Title : Very High Density Multi-SIM(16SIM/GSM Port) 36-Port GSM Gateway Launching

VoiceFinder AP-GS3300 is a new cutting edge Digital or IP to Very High Density Multi-SIM(total 576 SIM slots) GSM gateway supporting maximum 36 ports of GSM interface. GSM and digital interface of AP-GS3300 provide an optimized call scenario when it interoperates with softswitch or conventional PBX. AP-N1-GSM4S16 GSM VoIP Module for AP-GS3300 is a new 4-Port GSM Module (16 SIM card slots per a GSM Port) for GSM Call Termination Service. This GSM VoIP Module supports Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM frequency, Sixteen(16) SIM card slots per a GSM port, Hot-Swap Switch Button, One(1) GSM Antenna Interface. This GSM module has sixty-four(64) GSM SIM card slots internally. Also this module supports the Voice DSP for GSM call termination service based on VoIP Technology.
16 SIM slots / a GSM Port
576 SIM slots = 64 SIM Sots/a Card x 9
(Up to 36 Port GSM interface, Nine(9) Module Slots, GSM+Digital E1 Interface, Hot-Swap, Module Type, Power Module Type)

Available GSM Modules :
1. AP-N1-GSM4S16 : 4-Port GSM, 16SIM/GSM Port, total 64 SIM slots, Single(1) Antenna, IMEI change, Auto BTS, Hot-Swap, etc

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