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Title : Mobile Hybrid IP-PBX Solution Launching

AddPac mobile hybrid IP-PBX Systems is a next-generation IP-PBX System and a new IP telephony solution for all IP environment, mobile network(GSM, CDMA, 3G, etc), and traditional PSTN network. Mobile hybrid IP-PBX inter-works with various IP terminals of AddPac (e.g. AP-VP300, AP-VP280, AP-VP250, AP-VP150, AP-VP120 IP Video Phones, and AP-IP300, AP-IP230, AP-IP160, AP-IP120, AP-IP90 IP Phones) and analog phones(low cost compared with IP terminals, also reused) to provide multimedia IP telephony services as well as the traditional legacy PBX features. This mobile hybrid IP-PBX product is based on the advanced embedded RISC that enables firmware upgrade, and can be equipped with various VoIP interfaces (GSM, CDMA, 3G, FXS, FXO, Digital E1/T1, etc) depending on module options. AddPac mobile hybrid IP-PBX solution is suitable for small and medium size companies, and inter-works with the VoIP and video products of AddPac Technology to provide a variety of IP application services appropriate for your network. Also, AddPac mobile hybrid IP-PBX System supports H.323 VoIP inter-working as well as SIP protocol for outbound call.

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