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Title : AP-LMS1001 Bluetooth based LMS(Land-to-Mobile Station) Gateway Launching

VoiceFinder AP-LMS1001 one(1) channel Bluetooth based Land to Mobile Station gateway provides high-performance Analog or IP to Mobile Station(cellular phone) gateway solution including IP-routing services for SOHO, and small enterprise. This product uses the state-of-art technology voice compressed algorithm and unique QoS algorithm of AddPac to maintain the maximum voice quality under fast internet line and slow internet line as well. This product is designed based on high performance RISC CPU + DSP structure; supports upgraded speed, the best quality product, offers various user-friendly functions, manufactured at low cost and this product gives high performance for its price.
AddPac AP-LMS1001 is a device that can support both mobile station gateway service (FXS->Bluetooth->cellular phone->2G or or 3G, Internet->Bluetooth->cellular phone->2G or 3G) and VoIP gateway service (FXS->Internet) simultaneously. It also supports SIP, H.323 Multiple VoIP signaling protocol, various voice codec support(G.711, G.726, G.729, G723.1), one(1) channel Bluetooth interface (antenna), two(2) fast ethernet ports, one(1) FXS interface ports, Public IP sharing function and state-of-art technologies and services.

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