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Title : GSM/CDMA Voice Recording Solution Launching

AddPac GSM/CDMA voice recording solution is composed of AddPac GSM/CDMA gateway device along with IP based voice recording device to provide high performance based digital voice recording and processing function. AP-GS3000, AP-GS2800, and AP-GS2500 GSM/CDMA gateway are connected in between GSM/CDMA network and existing Legacy PBX to convert into the IP based voice signal, and transmit to IP based network voice recording server such as AP-NR3000, etc. It offers a high voice quality compare to the existing bridge tap method solution. A system scalability and redundancy are possible due to IP based system.
The demand for GSM/CDMA voice recording solution has been increasing in the structure of GSM network and internet network. To meet the needs of customer satisfaction, next generation voice solution should be able to fulfill voice recording in GSM network as well as in VoIP (Voice over IP) based internet network.

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