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Title : Four Channel Video Encoding Video Codec Module AV1700N Launching

AV1700N video codec module supports four channel D1 high quality network based surveillance service. AV1700N video codec module can be installed in our next generation DVR solution AP-NC1200, AP-NC1500, AP-NC3800 multiservice video codec H/W platform.
AP-NC1200, AP-NC1500, AP-NC3800 multiservice video codec devices are the-state-of-the art multichannel video codec device based on DSP which allow to install 2, 4, 12 video module slots. It is applicable to various real time video transmission fields such as video surveillance, traffic management, environment surveillance using H.264 based high resolution video compressed algorithm. AP1700N video codec module can process 30 frames of images D1 (720X480) per second with H.264 compressed codec standard as well as to setup an appropriate frame rate/bit rate depending on network status.
If D1 video encoder module is AV1700N module, it supports BNC type 4 channel analog video input. Also, it supports gigabit Ethernet interface for compatibility of network environment. The strong point of AV1700N video encoder module is an excellent management function through RTSP/RTP based transmission protocol/Smart Web Manager. AddPac AP-NSPP (Network Surveillance Provision Platform) high performance network surveillance service solution is appropriate for real time surveillance images. It opens a whole new world of high quality video images on the basis of high performance and stability.

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