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Title : Dolby-D Pass Through Full HD (1080i) Broadcasting Video Codec Module AV3500 Launching

AddPac Technology recently released a full HD broadcasting codec AV3500 video codec module.
AV3500 full HD broadcasting codec module is operated by installing in AddPac AP-NC2000, AP-NC3000 platform. It receives HD-SDI based full HD digital images and AES_EBU standard high quality Dolby audio signal to perform H.264 video compress as well as Dolby Pass-Thru function. It is applicable to IP based real time full HD video broadcasting transmission filed such as in broadcasting station. AV3500 video codec module not only supports encoder/decoder function concurrently but it also supports HD-SDI, HDMI, Analog CVBS input/output using the latest H.264 video codec. AddPac IP video broadcasting transmitting device combines with AddPac high performance DSP hardware/processor for encoding/decoding of full HD quality video image in real time. AV3500 AddPac full HD IP video broadcasting transmitting codec is designed to support AES_EBU audio broadcasting transmitting standard to transmit the high quality audio signal such as Dolby through HD-SDI line. In transmission port, it performs to retransmit Dolby signal which is embedded with 4xAES fair signal in HD-SDI digital interface to IP data. In receiving port, it performs to embed the Dolby signal AES_EBU standard along with video signal in HD-SDI line.
AV3500 full HD broadcasting codec module also supports Gigabit Ethernet interface to cope with network environment. The main advantage of AV3500 video codec module is an efficient management through RTSP/RTP based transmission protocol and Smart Web Manager.

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