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Title : Network DVR Multi Channel/Multi Service Video Codec Launching

AddPac Technology recently released a high quality network DVR solution AP-NC3800 (12Slots), AP-NC1500 (4 Slots), AP-NC1200 (2 Slots) multi channel / multi service video codec. AP-NC3800 multi channel video codec allows installing 12 video module slots and two power redundancy modules. It is applicable to various real time video surveillance fields such as surveillance, traffic management, and environment management with H.264 based high resolution codec.
AddPac modules supports 1 channel D1 video encoder module, 2 channel D1 video encoder module, built-in amp audio broadcasting module, analog subtitle module, PAN/TILT controller module to cope with various multi service function. Especially, video encoder function, audio broadcasting function, and supplementary features are designed on the basis of module type to cope with various user environments with more flexibility. AddPac AP-NSPP (Network Surveillance Provision Platform) high performance network surveillance service solution is appropriate and it opens a whole new world of high quality video with superb quality and stability.

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