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Title : Touch Screen Based 5 Inch Color LCD AP-IP230 IP Phone Launching

AddPac AP-IP230 IP phone is a combination of both internet voice communication and broadcasting to cope with appropriate IP telephony service. It supports SIP VoIP signaling protocol, voice codec such as G.711, G.726, G729, G.723.1, stereo audio in/out input/output interface, 5 inch color LCD display, various function keys, touch screen based user presence speed dial key, two fast Ethernet ports, PoE (Power over Ethernet), FXO PSTN interface, QoS (Quality of Service), and SMS.

AP-IP230 IP phone interworks with IPNext (IP-PBX) call manager or presence server (AP-PS2000) to support touch screen based user presence service and speed dial key. Touch based speed dial provides 25 (5X5) dial keys. A user registration allows easy register/edit for each user. Presence function can display busy, outgoing call, and incoming call with GUI and it also supports speed dial dialing.

AP-IP230 provides various codec in accordance with bandwidth so that a user can use it anywhere with internet connection. Especially, it guarantees the optimum level of voice quality to cope with delay and packet error in restricted bandwidth environment with the latest QoS technology. Also, it interworks with various IP-PBX solutions such as IPNext20, IPNext50, IPNext180, IPNext200, and IPNext500 to support music on hold, coloring service, and call transfer.

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