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Title : New Release of IPNext 50 SOHO IP-PBX Providing the Advanced and Diversified Supplementary Features - June 12, 2008

AddPac Technology has released a new SOHO type of Next Generation IP-PBX for IP Communication, IPNext50, not only supporting the conventional voice-centered PBX features, but also PSTN interface (FXO), multimedia, voice communication, powerful IVR, RTP Proxy, User Presence, Unified Messaging Server (UMS), Ring Back Tone (RBT), Unified Communication (UC).

The AddPac IPNext50 has been developed with the high-performance RISC basis, which is imbedded, supporting firmware upgrade. It is an ideal product for small business, which provides many different IP applications and this product fits right into the user’s network. IPNext50 is two(2) LED indicators on the front panel displaying the status and 2-port FXO VoIP interface, 2 Fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps) ports, RS232 console port for Command Line Interface (CLI) and USB host-mode interface port on the back panel. The USB host-mode port connects with USB Memory and Network devices such as USB HDD, USB Flash Memory or USB Wireless LAN and enhances the capacity of IPNext50.

IPNext50 provides the call features of Basic Call, Color Ring, Music on Hold, Blind Transfer, Call Pickup, Group Call Pickup, Consult Call, Switching Call, Consult Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Waiting Notification, Call Park, Call Pickup Remote, Hunt Group, together with many different AddPac terminals including its Video Phone series (AP-VP300 and AP-VP150) and IP Phone series (AP-IP300, AP-IP150, AP-IP100) and designed to provide both SIP and H.323 simultaneously. Besides these call routing features, IPNext500 also supports RTP Proxy for interoperating with the private IP and IPv6 address, User Presence with Presence Server functionality provided through Smart Messenger, Unified Messaging Server functionality for Voice Messaging, Multimedia Coloring and RBT for Music on Hold.

The AddPac IP-PBX solution complies to all different types of users for each different sector of business, government and public offices or call center by providing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Scenario Editor. The user can design one’s own scenario and provide an abundant IVR supporting tool to operate IP-PBX.

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