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Title : New Release of AP-VP120: The High Quality Video Phone Supporting the Broadband Codec (g.722) – March 13, 2008

The new generation of broadband network emerges with the multimedia with high-quality video and voice.

The AddPac AP-VP120 Video Phone provides video communication with high-quality resolution and voice by using Internet. This product supports a video conference, point-to-point video communication, VoD, IPTV, Network Surveillance, and helpful communication for the physically challenging individuals, optimally through the latest audio/video codec and a variety of AV I/O interfaces. Now the choice of choosing the right video phone depends on video and voice quality.
The video phone, AP-VP120 has 4.3-inch high quality LCD and processes G.722 broadband codec supporting 16KHz audio is differentiated from other traditional video phones and VGA at 30 frames per second. This product is integrated with IP-based voice, audio and video solutions and uses a wide range of multimedia applications. AP-VP120 provides the cutting-edge features such as multiple signaling including SIP and H.323 and video codec including H.263, MPEG4, H.264, AV input and output interface, public IP and IP sharing.

AP-VP120 is a high-performance multi-functional IP video phone where the state-of-the-art video processing technology is added to the voice processing technologies developed by AddPac in the VoIP field. AP-VP120 provides the outstanding video features since it ensures high definition video due to a high-quality 4.3” LCD and you can enjoy viewing a large screen by connecting to the external monitor. This video supports On Screen Display (OSD) for system control and easy-to-mange. By using the remote control (optional) and menu key, configuration and control are possible. Since AP-VP120 supports networks of 64 Kbps to several Mbps, it is available at any place with Internet. Above all, AP-VP120 ensures the best video quality, because the ‘rate control’ function ensures the quality and frame rate at a limited bandwidth and the high-end error resilience technology for troubleshooting many different packet failures on Internet. AP-VP120 processes MPEG-4 compression codec standard with VGA (640x480) at 30 frames per second.

The network protocols, that AP-VP120 supports, can implement the optimal multimedia solution. In order to do this, many related solution are implemented through consolidation and integration. AP-VP120 collaborates with the AddPac Video Conferencing Solution (AP-MC1000 MCU Equipment, AP-VP350 MCU Video Phone), VoD and Video Broadcasting Solutions to provide not only the basic video call features, but also the features of VoD, Video/Audio broadcasting and Conference Call.

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