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Title : Release the New Video Conference Device AP-VC200

AP-VC200 video conference equipment delivers a new and powerful IP based video communication by simply connecting televisions, and ordinary telephones. Designed on firmware upgradeable, high-performance DSP, AP-VC200 equipped with the latest audio/video codec, AV In/Out interfaces realizing complete Internet video telephony, video conferencing, VoD (video on demanding) applications and AV broadcasting system in one platform. This device provides built-in internal video camera for cost effective video communication applications.

AP-VC200 offers IP based video communication service by connecting televisions and telephones, so the customers enable to enjoy this cutting-edge technology with low investment. Moreover, it is capable of offering various sizes of video displays by connecting projectors and high definition television such as HDTV which overcomes the display limitations of IP video phones. AP-VC200 provides RCA, S-Video, and Component (480P, 720P) connectors. In case of MPEG-4, AP-VC200 supports max. 30 frames of VGA(640×480) images which is considered promising for the high quality video application. The component video output interface of AP-VC200 supports the 480P, 720P(1280x720) HD video display. In this HD display mode of AP-VC200, VGA level video image from remote site can be display at HDTV without video downscale. User can enjoy the HD level video quality at conversation view mode.

Designed on programmable high-performance RISC CPU and high performance DSP, AP-VC200 is capable of adopting new capabilities and improvement by downloading firmware from website or with its auto-upgrade option as the customers' needs grow. Using this firmware upgrade S/W features and solution (ex, VPMS), new coming video/audio codecs, VoIP signaling protocols and network protocols will be supported

Not only audio/video service, AP-VC200 is an integrated, feature-rich network equipment delivering routing, NAT/PAT, DHCP Server/Relay, public IP sharing, QoS features. In today's mixed network of xDSL, Cable, FTTH, Metro Ethernet, Metro ATM, Leased line and dynamic IP environment, not only the ample network service features, but also high-end QoS (Quality of Service) and security features are requested. Based on two (2) 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports, AP-VC200 offers integrated network and security service of LAN-to-LAN routing, bridge and NAT/PAT.

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