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Title : AddPac release the 128 channel fault tolerant high capacity analog gateway

AddPac Technology penetrates the medium and large scale analog gateway market. AddPac has released a large scale media gateway, VoiceFinder AP6500 that can replace a PBX based on the technologies and experiences of VoIP gateways for subscribers.

A large scale VoIP gateway, AP6500, which is intended for ITSP and the large enterprise markets, has a compact size, and supports VoIP calls of up to 128 channels. AP6500 can be expanded in the unit of 32 channels. AP6500 supports hot swap, and the active/standby CPU board and 32-port VoIP board can be mounted or dismounted on or from AP6500 in operation. In addition, AP6500 supports power redundancy. Since the power supply device on the front panel of this product is modular, the device can be replaced with a new one easily when a failure occurs.
AP6500 is fault tolerant, and supports a VoIP call control protocol. This product can also flexibly adapt to changes in a service environment by supporting SIP and MGCP.

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