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Title : AP100: AddPac Releases High Quality 1-Port VoIP Gateway

AP100 Specification
H.323/SIP/MGCP Concurrent Triple Stack
Two(2) 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Port
High-Performance LAN-to-LAN Routing Capability
G.711/G.726/G.723/G.729, T.38 Fax, VAD, etc
Advanced Voice QoS Mechanism
Web based New Easy Setup
Small, Light and Compact Design
Power ON/OFF Switch and Status LEDs

VoiceFinder AP100 1-Port VoIP Gateway is a high quality VoIP product that allows you to use analog phones cost-effectively since this product supports Voice over IP service at Internet environments such as Small Medium Business (SMB), cyber apartments, Internet games, and Internet users at home.

This product ensures better performance compared to its price because H.323, SIP, and MGCP are all supported. The newly designed Web-based Smart Easy Setup allows even beginners to configure VoIP easily. Also, AP100 provides VoIP Plug & Play Management System (VPMS) for enterprises. AP100 allows you to control installation and versions, perform upgrades, and to check if an error has occurred when several devices operate.

AP100 is based on a unique QoS algorithm, which is the proprietary technology of AddPac, and the state-of-the-art voice compression algorithm to ensure the best voice quality of low-speed Internet lines as well as high-speed ones. This product is designed based on high-performance RISC CPU and DSP. AP100 supports 2-port Fast Ethernet interfaces, and provides VoIP services to calls entered from the FXS port over the Internet. Also, the rear panel of this product has power on/off switches to ensure reliability.

VoiceFinder AP100 VoIP Gateway supports both static IP addresses and flexible IP addresses for ADSL and cable modems in addition to reliable dedicated lines; thus, you can make a selection depending on your environment. Since AP100 supports routing and Internet applications such as NAT/PAT, and enables VoIP and IP sharing equipments at one platform, it provides the most cost-effective and efficient solution in a high-speed Internet access environment.

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