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Title : AP-VD1000: AddPac Releases a Next-Generation Embedded Enterprise VoD Server

AP-VD1000 Enterprise Embedded VoD Server is an advanced next-generation digital video streaming device based on a network, and can provide VoD services for live and recorded video. This product, which is configured with 2-port 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit interfaces and four IDE-type 3.5-inch HDD module slots, enables RAID1 redundancy configuration, and is available for a variety of multimedia network environments.

AddPac AP-VD1000 Enterprise Embedded VoD Server is configured with the high quality CPU module designed and developed by AddPac and real-time OS(APOS) and embedded hardware to provide VoD services. This product ensures better performance and efficiency due to an advanced embedded RISC processor supporting Gigabit Ethernet and a reliable embedded operation system.

The high-performance RISC processor module of AP-VD1000 is all programmable; thus, the features of AP-VD1000 can continue to be improved, changed, or added. This allows you to adapt to future technical changes. If you download an added or changed feature from the home page directly or set an automatic upgrade option whenever feature addition or change is done, you can use the latest feature without further operations.

AP-VD1000 VoD Server is used as the main component of a total solution that provides VoD services along with the media encoders, video phones, video conference systems, and media players of AddPac Technology. Since this product ensures excellent reliability and scalability, it is available for various enterprise environments optimally.

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