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Title : AP2620IVR: AddPac Releases AP2620IVR VoIP Gateway Supporting Advanced IVR

As broadband WAN services such as Metro Ethernet are increasingly getting popular, the traditional telephone services are being integrated into data networks.
AddPac AP2620IVR VoIP Gateway supports advanced and enhanced IVR features from the VoIP gateway services. You can use IVR Scenario Editor based on VXML that operates on Microsoft Windows to configure any IVR environment you want. Also, this product provides call scenarios for pre-paid/post-paid services by default, and supports multiple languages and the RADIUS interface. AP2620IVR supports stacking that allows you to cascade itself by using an IP address.
AP2620IVR is an entry-level VoIP gateway, and allows you to set up analog voice channels of up to 8 ports or VoIP access channels of 2-E1 or 2-T1. You can mount and use the analog VoIP modules of AddPac such as AP-FXS4 and AP-FXO4 first. When you need to expand the channels, you can replace the modules with an E1/T1 module.
AP2620IVR has two 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ports. This is a difference between other gateways and AddPac VoIP gateway series for LAN-to-LAN routing, bridging, and NAT/PAT.
The performance and reliability of AddPac VoIP gateway series have been recognized in global markets as well as the Korean market. AP2620IVR, which is a collection of experiences and know-how accumulated in the enterprise and service provider markets, would be a solution that meets the needs of customers that ask for high quality VoIP services. This product concurrently supports H323, SIP, and MGCP, which are VoIP call control protocols. To support better calling quality in any network environments, the unique Quality of Service (QoS) algorithm of AddPac has been added to the common QoS algorithm.

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