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Title : AP-VP200: AddPac Releases 4.3-Inch VGA AP-VP200, High Quality Video Phone

An era of broadband networks ensures complex multi-functions and high video quality!

AddPac AP-VP200 IP Video Phone is an advanced multimedia terminal that processes 4.3-inch WQVGA (480x272) for screen displays. Also, AP-VP200 processes up to 30 frames of VGA (640x480) for video communications. This fact differentiates this product from the plain old video phones. AP-VP200 can support an integrated IP-based voice, audio, and video solution, and is available for a variety of multimedia applications extensively. This product supports advanced features and services such as multiple signaling (e.g. SIP and H.323), video codecs such as H.263, MPEG4, and H.264, AV I/O interfaces, QoS, and public IP sharing.

AP-VP200 is a high quality and multi-functional IP video phone where the state-of-the-art video processing technology is added to the voice processing technologies developed by AddPac in the VoIP field. AP-VP200 has better video features since it ensures high definition video due to a 4.3-inch high-resolution LCD and you can enjoy a large screen connected to the external monitor. This product supports On Screen Display (OSD) for system control and easy management, and you can set up or control this device by using a touch screen (a point pen included), a remote control, and menu keys. A remote control allows you to use VoD or IPTV services of AP-VP200. Since AP-VP200 supports networks of 64 Kbps to several Mbps, it is available at any Internet-enabled place. Above all, AP-VP200 ensures the best video quality due to the ‘rate control’ function that ensures the best video quality and frame rate at a limited bandwidth and the high-end error resilience technology for troubleshooting various packet failures on the Internet. This product processes VGA (640×480)-level videos by 30 frames per second based on the MPEG-4 video codec.

The high-performance RISC CPU and DSP of AP-VP200 are all programmable; thus, the features of AP-VP200 can continue to be improved, changed, or added. If you download an added or changed feature from the home page directly or set an automatic upgrade option whenever feature addition or change is done, you can use the latest feature without further operations. AP-VP200 is also equipped with USB host interfaces to support USB HDD, USB flash memory, a USB keyboard, a USB mouse, and USB wireless LAN*, and provides various applications due to USB interfaces.

Since the network protocol supported by AP-VP200 is a dual stack supporting IPv4/IPv6, AP-VP200 can implement an optimal multimedia solution in an IP-based broadband networking environment. To do so, AP-VP200 should be integrated with related solutions. AP-VP200 inter-works with the video conference solutions of AddPac (e.g. AP-MC1000 MCU Device and AP-VP350 MCU Video Phone), VoD solutions, network DVR solutions, and IPTV solutions to provide services such as VoD, IPTV, network surveillance, and multipoint conference calls in addition to basic video calling.

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