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Title : AP-VP350: AddPac Releases AP-VP350, High Quality Video Phone Supporting MCU and Dual Monitoring Features

The Era of Broadband Networks Is Characterized by High-Quality Video as Well as Advanced MCU and Dual Monitoring

AP-VP350 is the state-of-the-art high-quality multimedia video phone that provides the features of video MCU, which is differentiated from the traditional video phones. AP-VP350 also enables dual monitoring for IP video broadcasting, VoD services, and document sharing while making a video call. This is a video solution product that can be used extensively for a variety of multimedia applications and that can provide IP-based integrated voice, audio, and video solutions. AP-VP350 enables multiple signaling such as SIP and H.323, and provides advanced features and services such as video codecs such as H.263, MPEG4, and H.264, AV I/O interfaces, QoS, and public IP sharing.
AP-VP350 is an IP video phone that provides the state-of-the-art video MCU features of AddPac. AP-VP350 ensures the best performance of the MCU that supports a video conference among four people. This product can efficiently control or manage the features (e.g. layout change) of video MCU by using a high-resolution built-in LCD and touch screen. Also, AP-VP350 provides the S-video interface for external monitors and the RCA-type external camera input interface to support a video conference by using a large screen such as LCD and PDP TV. If you use a high-performance, high-resolution external camera, you can use the RS-232C interface of AP-VP350 to control the pan, tilt, or zoom of the external camera. The video MCU function of AP-VP350 supports video codecs such as H.263 and MPEG4, and can control video encoding/decoding bit rate asymmetrically. AP-VP350 allows you to hold a 4-party video conference without a separate external MCU. You can continue to add new MCU features through firmware upgrade.
AP-VP350 enables dual monitor emulation and dual monitor display to provide IP video broadcasting, VoD services, or document sharing. The dual monitor features allow you to make a video call while providing VoD services or making real-time IP broadcasting. That is, a video broadcasting screen is displayed either on the LCD of AP-VP350 or on the TV connected to an RCA or S-Video type external video output port. AP-VP350 is equipped with an individual video port separate from one displayed on LCD to provide a variety of video application services such as VoD and document sharing.

The network protocols supported by AP-VP350 can implement the optimal multimedia solution in IP-based broadband networking environments. To do so, AP-VP350 is required to be integrated with related multiple solutions. AP-VP350 inter-works with the video conference, VoD, network DVR, and IPTV solutions of AddPac to provide various services such as basic voice calling, multipoint conferencing, IPTV, network monitoring, VoD, and document sharing.

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