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Title : Releasing IP based Multi-channel Audio Conferencing Solution supporting Wire/Wireless terminal

AddPac Technology release IP based Multi-channel Audio conferencing, Multi-channel direct call, Multi-channel emergency call solution. This solution consists of embedded hardware type MCU equipment (AP-MC1000, AP-MC5000) and various AddPac’s VoIP terminals like IP phone and VoIP gateway.

AP-ACPP Audio conferencing MCU supports IP telephony call control function for various VoIP gateways and IP phones as well as media mixing function. This MCU supports both wire and wireless terminals, so that not only wire terminal connecting through VoIP FXS interface but also Mobile user conferencing via FXO interface can be available.

AddPac’s VoIP equipments for AP-ACPP Audio conferencing solution are designed using RISC CPU + programmable DSP with firmware upgradeable features providing high level of flexibility and scalability which are essential to keep pace with the new emerging technology and network environment changes including next generation networking protocol, IPv6.

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